Chow Town and Nedbank’s plan to get everyone business savvy

Nedbank recently launched a game on Roblox named Chow Town.

If you didn’t know, this makes Nedbank technically the first bank to venture into popular gaming in Africa.

Capitec introduced an almost similar concept in September 2022. A game where users could play different characters with financial goals using savvy money management strategies to deal with work and life events while trying to save enough money for their characters.

Nedbank in gaming 

Chow Town is Nedbank’s effort to teach children to gain money management skills.

Spearheading into the gaming market, Nedbank introduces Chow Town, an online game platform and creative system developed by Roblox Corporation to allow users to program games and play games created by users.

Developed by Sea Monster Entertainment, Chow Town allows players to set up and expand a start up restaurant through investments.

Leveraging of the Roblox popularity on ages 7 to 22 years of age, Nedbank says Chow Town will teach tweens better money management including entrepreneurship.

Targeting the right age

The bank says users will learn money management skills from a young age, with the added opportunity to nurture entrepreneurial skills.

Chow Town

Players can open a virtual restaurant which offers a combination of international and uniquely South African foods such as boerewors which the gamer makes and sells to guests.

The restaurant then develops as the player unlocks new food levels to expand the restaurant.

Nedbank’s Chief Digital Officer Ray Naicker says, “Nedbank believes that gaming can play a crucial role in nurturing a new generation of entrepreneurs with a good understanding of how to manage their financial affairs, which underscores our venture into Roblox.”

“Our economic well-being as a country depends on our ability to develop a new generation of entrepreneurs who can grow start-ups into viable, job-creating businesses, and Chow Town has been designed to help kick-start that process,” said Naicker.

From Sea Monster Entertainment, CEO Glen Gillis said, “we are delighted to partner with a digitally pioneering bank to develop a game to nurture entrepreneurial skills.”

“The game has been designed to appeal to the target group’s gaming interests and most importantly, drive behavior change, which is at the center of our expertise and experience.”

The game teachers the following:

  • Cook delicious South African food
  • Earn and invest in your restaurant
  • Explore and discover the world of Chow Town
  • Roleplay with friends and visit each other’s businesses

Invite up to 7 members of your squad to join you as you build the biggest and best restaurant.

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