Can Android devices track Airtags? Google, and the solid yes

Google Keynote address at Google I/O event.

Do Airtags work on Android?

Fr0m Apple, Airtags were introduced to keep track of things you might lose easily, such as a wallet, keys luggage and more.

The devices although introduced with noble intentions, have sparked debate as s0me users have used the Airtag to track people.

To combat this, Apple introduced a feature that made it easy to find an unknown Airtag tracking you.

Stalker alert?

First, you would have to know you’re being tracked, but it doesn’t hurt to run a device check just to be sure.

One of the options to find an unknown Airtag is to use Apple’s Find My app feature to scan for Airtags near you.

You can use the Items That Can Track Me option.

If you were using an Android device you had to download third party app, Tracker Detect app.

Google introduces a pivotal shift for Android devices as the firm, in partnership with Apple introduce a way for Android devices to track Airtags without the need for third party apps.

How do you know you’re being tracked?

The Airtag was designed to play a sound when it has been separated from its owner.  Think dropping keys while exiting the garage.

The Airtag makes a sound when its separated from the owner, and this happens when the tag is separated away from its paired iPhone or iPad.

The sound has been reported to last around three days.

After that, the Airtag makes a beep whenever its moved.

Hearing an unexpected beep when you move something should prompt you to get your device ready to track that uninvited beep.

Google update

In a partnership, Google and Apple joined forces to introduce a way for Android devices to be able to track unknown trackers.

Google introduced a series of improvements which included a birds eye view in navigation for users planning a trip.

Unwanted tracking from Bluetooth devices will soon be a thing of the past as the industry update should allow Android users to gain some control over their safety.

Google says unknown tracker alerts will soon notify users if their device detects an unknown tracker.

The incoming feature from Google will work with Bluetooth trackers, including Apple Airtags.

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