It’s game over load shedding with this mini UPS, the 3S Mini UPS

As the country paddles through a challenging time of limited daily power supply, and inconsistent blackouts which have on occasion left some appliances damaged as a result, a simpler mini solution is on the cards known as the 3S Mini UPS.

While certain electricity-reliant industries remain under threat such as the gaming sector, a simple solution in the form of 3S Mini has provided the solution for unplanned power outages while on the console.

This stylishly compact, silent, and protection for routers, modems, IP cameras, and WiFi extenders emerges from a line of high-quality reliable backup systems for gamers from Eaton.

Whether it’s to provide a UPS backup switch to alternate from the main electrical supply to batteries in an effort to keep devices connected long enough for any gamer to save changes, the 3S Mini provides the advanced necessary protection for switches.

This simple answer to any power outage is a reliable unit that is easy to install, and effective enough to solve the outage issue without breaking the bank. The 3S Mini UPS is a smart home device or security system that users can rely on keep devices connected at all times.

Get up to four hours of battery life while online streaming, up to two hours of battery life for a WiFi extender, and up to 80 minutes of battery life while on the internet, the 3S Mini appears to be the solution to instant power backup for any gamer who has put in long hours for gaming progress, when necessary.

While Eaton prides itself on being an intelligent power management company dedicated to improving the quality of life and protecting the environment for people everywhere, their 3s mini can keep an IP camera running for up to five hours, with a choice of four output voltages which include 9V, 12V, 15V, and 19V connectors to suit a wide range of devices.

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