Huawei’s Pangu 3.0, what is it and why the hype?

Mobile electronics group Huawei has introduced what could arguably be a massive advance into the near future where AI is the norm and anyone resisting is somewhere underground.

Known as Pangu 3.0, this is Huawei’s latest update and a system of pre-trained models that can quickly adapt to meet scenario-specific needs to address complex challenges across multiple industries.

Large-scale data and machine-learning algorithms are two key components that will most likely be the key to unlocking the potential of transformative growth across a range of sectors.

Pangu 3.0 will set a new norm in industrial sector applications such as weather forecasting, drug development, fault detection and possibly factor change in the mining industry.

It’s pre-trained

According to Mr Zhang Ping’an, Huawei’s Executive Director, and the CEO of Huawei Cloud, the Cloud Pangu model could be described as an intelligent assistant in every industry.

The models are set to empower users with an assistant to ensure more productivity while reshaping industries with refined artificial intelligence.

The Pangu model could predict accurate and precise global AI weather forecasts based on deep learning and over 43 years of data.

On the cards

Huawei is set to launch the first version of Pangu Mining, which will be to enhance safety efficiency, and productivity in mining.

Huawei says: “Traditional mining operations are inherently risky, requiring extensive manpower and posing significant technical and safety challenges. However, with the implementation of digital technologies, augmented by the Pangu Mining Model, the industry is witnessing a transformative shift.

Pangu Railway

The model will be able to identify 67 types of freight cars with over 430 types of faults found on railways and freight cars in order to allow train inspectors to improve efficiency and accuracy.

The model will scan millions of images captured by the railway model system and filter out 95% of the images that were found faulty.

Zhang said: “Huawei Cloud Pangu models will empower everyone from every industry with an intelligent assistant, making them more productive and efficient. We will uphold our mission of ‘AI for industries’, and use Pangu models to reshape all industries with AI.”

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