EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max, ready for the next power outage

Incoming from EcoFlow’s RIVER series lineup is the potentially noble but power-efficient EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max.

The portable power station is pretty intelligent considering it’s just under R15 000 on price for what is arguably an entry-level portable power solution, perfect for those bouts of load shedding.

Now available online and in-store, EcoFlow introduces the RIVER 2 Max, a 500W portable load-shedding solution that could stretch to 1 000W when we tap into the power supply’s X-boost feature.  More power means faster battery drain and it’s important to use the PPS with longevity in mind, especially when it comes to its battery.

The layout

The EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max comes with a three-pin plug slot, two prong plug slot, a display terminal, 3x USB A at 12W, 2 x DC 5521 ports and a USB C port which can also act as a secondary charger for the device.

A massive handle and our favourite part of EcoFlow’s design is the RIVER 2 Max handle, which like the RIVER series comes just above the air vent and fan to ensure there is enough space for the portable power supply to breathe, with no room for error.

We found this to be a sparkling design hack that some pps manufacturers should consider, as these portable power solutions can be dangerous when unmonitored and used irresponsibly.

Users will also find a 12 V 8amp car charger in the box which can come in handy for those stage 6 bouts from Eskom load shedding.

We appreciate the fact that the USB slots do not come with an on and off switch unlike the RIVER 2, which simply means users just plug in a cable on the RIVER 2 Max, and the system will automatically charge.

The RIVER 2 Max comes with an energetic and long-lasting LFP (LifePO4) battery, which reminds us of the RIVER 2, which shares the same battery line.  The battery promise over 3000 charges before deterioration, which we think is a viable trade-off.

The LFP batteries are the RIVER 2 series secret as they provide 6x more longevity, meaning EcoFlow can then safely guarantee 10-year product usage.

Size and weight

You could carry the RIVER 2 Max with one hand as it weighs about 6kg, is 196mm in height and is 270x260x196mm in size.

The display on the front of the RIVER 2 Max is sized to display ongoing changes, such as battery percentage, time and the amount of power output.


The EcoFlow app makes the user’s display screen come to life.  EcoFlow has an app compatible with both iOS and Android which users can download in order to have better control and management of their EcoFlow devices.

The app is easy to link to the devices which most come with Bluetooth connectivity and WiFi to enable devices the ability to pair with user cellular devices such as tablets and smartphones.

With the app, users have an array of features to control over the portable power supply.  The app allows users access to an even larger screen (on their smartphones) which ensures that users gain better control of their devices with little to no need for the display on the EcoFlow system.

The app can be used for checking data, customize settings and adjusting a whole range of parameters.

Switch lights on and off, from your phone if the plugs are connected to the RIVER 2 Max.

Founded in 2017, EcoFlow plans on becoming a household name and we can see why.

We do think the colours could improve, and the design could be upgraded. The charging speed is impressive, to deliver a full battery in less than an hour.

We do think the RIVER 2 Max could have more plug slots on the sides as its a little bulky in size to not include plug slots on its sides but do also understand that this is an entry-level device and that means we should manage our expectations.

EcoFlow special

Before we continue, EcoFlow has introduced a limited offer for load-shedding solutions between July 14 and August 14, which offer up to 41% discount on the RIVER line and the DELTA line of their products.

This means the latest RIVER 2 has been reduced by R 1 000 to R 5 999.

Feel free to visit their first for the continent showroom in Cape Town launched on July 22, 2023, which promises to provide users with detailed information on power-packed and intelligently packaged EcoFlow RIVER and DELTA series devices.

EcoFlow River 2

Back to the EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max

The RIVER 2 series is the affordable entry level of the EcoFlow range compared to the DELTA series.  We do still think EcoFlow’s price range is a little steep considering the large number of competitors offering similar Watt ranges at a far lessor price than that of the EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max.

When factoring in the list of benefits and craftsmanship that comes with the RIVER 2 Max, what’s R 12999 for an entry-level EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max?

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