Incoming Honor Watch GS3 smartwatch seems intelligently smart

Chinese smartphone maker Honor is expected to introduce a series of devices next week at their South African launch to introduce their Honor intelligent smartphone lineup.

Honor 90 smartphone

What piqued our interest is speculation around the introduction of their intelligent smartwatch, the Honor Watch GS3.

What do we know?

Smartwatches have developed to not only track your heart rate these days but act as your notification panel, while also providing cool-caller ID services.

In 2023, the smartwatch does more than just answer your calls, but provides seamless functionality that allows users to put their smartphones somewhere in the house only to conveniently find them using a smartwatch.

The Honor Watch GS3 is on the menu for the possible new devices to be introduced next week at the Honor90 launch.

What’s on the Honor Watch GS3?

We know it comes with stainless steel casing, with two bezels on the right-hand side.  The watch does come in black from what we can see, with rubber straps to provide comfort and convenience.

It will probably need users to download the Honor Health app for to access into the 44-gram waterproof up to 50 meters smartwatch, but what’s life without a little change right, if you don’t already have an Honor smartphone?

The watch is sparkling with some funky colour displays as options.

Users have the ability to dial contacts using the watch and are able to speak into the watch as the Honor Watch GS3 does come with a built-in mike and speaker.

The watch does provide standard sports and fitness tracking functionality displayed using the vibrant AMOLED screen.

But is it premium quality as we suspect looking at its other specs?

The screen is slightly curved and glistens using a 1.43 inch, 466 x 466 AMOLED touch screen that’s surrounded by a black slim black bezel.

Today some smartwatches such as the Honor GS3 smartwatch, the Huawei GT 2 Pro, GT 3 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 including the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 answer calls all while the smartwatches are connected to devices via Bluetooth and a mobile network.

The Honor Watch GS3 threatens the smartwatch peace in the country should it be picked for next week’s launch lineup, and we cannot wait for the launch to see what else this otherwise standard-looking smartwatch can do.

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