The award for stylish smartphone goes to

There are devices targeted at the productive and creative consumer.

Then there are devices that are targeted at the attention-worthy, style carving and fashion-forwarded user who believes a statement is made way before one opens their mouth.

We carved a list of smartphones that we think gain a solid thumbs up on the style side of things without looking at what the device can do overall.

Huawei Nova 11 ultra

First on the list of stylish devices is our newest arrival the Huawei Nova 11.

We have this one in our clutches for review and here’s what we liked about the unique style of the device.

We appreciate Huawei’s attention to detail on the vegan leather with unique details of the Nova logo engraved on the back.  The appealing factor is the forest green colour. Of all the courageous colours that Huawei has introduced, the forest green has landed nicely on the style side of devices.

Looking at the camera we think a little gold trimming would not have hurt.  The forest green does tend to overcompensate over what should also be an appealing factor for a smartphone. We loved the Nova 10’s ring around the camera, hint, hint.

Honor V Purse 5G

Next on the list of style-infused devices is the incoming Honor V Purs a foldable smartphone that is a concept phone currently which could set the trend for style devices going forward. The smartphone has shifted from being a simple device for exchanging conversation to a personal assistant holding personal details in the palm of one’s hands, to a creative weapon ready to deliver exceptional imagery.

The Honor V Purse 5G is not available in the country but according to images available this stylish foldable is set to change the smartphone style landscape.

Samsung Galaxy Flip 5

Flip phones are here and it seems they’re here to stay. Samsung introduced the latest flip lineup in July this year with a stylishly poignant array of colours.

The net generation of foldable smartphones came earlier than was expected this year but looking at their appeal, we don’t think anyone is complaining.

The Galaxy Flip 5 brings forward a new waterdrop-shaped hinge that makes the screen crease less visible to allow the phone to fold without a gap in the middle. While the device is great to look at, a decent fact to swallow is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor ready to dazzle for a device that not only looks great but performs above average too.

More to come as we compile a list of savvy, smart and meticulously polished series of stylish devices.

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