Samsung’s Galaxy Smart tag 2, upgraded design and more for any phone

Upgraded and packed with new features, Samsung introduces their newly designed Galaxy SmartTag2 with an added Lost Mode feature to allow users to input their contact information via a message.

Users who discover an item with a Galaxy SmartTag2 attached are able to use their smartphones to scan the tag and access the owners’ message and contact information.

There’s more

So Samsung Electronics introduced their newly packed Galaxy smartTag2 around October with added features to improve keeping track of valuables.

There is an upgrade to the design and tweaks to some of the features.

On a pet’s collar, the Galaxy SmartTag2 can act as a nametag to ensure the pet owner’s phone number is always there.

The smartTag2 has been tweaked to work with any mobile device with an NFC reader and web browser.

There is also an added Compass View feature which adds to the user experience by providing arrows to show the direction and distance of the Galaxy SmartTag2 in relation to the user.

This mode is available on devices like the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The tag is a lot more durable on paper, and Samsung says the tag uses Bluetooth and UWB capabilities while leveraging augmented reality to guide users toward their tag using their smartphone’s camera.

More bells and whistles

The app for the Galaxy SmartTag2 now features a full-screen map view alongside an upgraded registered Galaxy SmartTags shortcuts to the app, which will likely launch a lot more effortlessly on user devices.

The automatic resync feature will allow the tag to maintain up-to-date software.


Samsung has improved features to conserve the battery such as the power saving mode.  The smartTag2 now lasts up to 700 days on paper, twice as long as its predecessors.

The battery does fluctuate on usage during normal mode or power saving mode.


The design is sleeker and ring-shaped with a large metal loop to enhance products durability. The metal inside the ring is to provide greater reliance that can support accessories such as key rings and car keys.

The Samsung Galaxy smarttag2 can easily latch onto bags and are now water and dust-resistant which enables pets to go almost anywhere, without the owner being concerned over the safety of the tag.

It’s pretty neat and Samsung says other users can pick up a smart tag tracking them by a sound made when their devices detect an unknown tag.

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