The perfect social media phone, what’s in it? Samsung, Huawei and more

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Social media today impacts user buying preferences unless there’s a massive dose of brand loyalty affecting those preferences.

The simple version of that statement is that today’s cell phone buyer considers several characteristics when selecting a new phone as brands continue on the road toward the perfect smartphone.

While most brands, such as Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, Apple, and many others compete to provide the perfect package for content creation, we found that the recipe is quite simple.

What you need:

So what’s inside the social media-ready device?

It’s a cocktail of a few features, perfectly blended for the user who knows how to extract the features to deliver quality content.

It’s like owning a really fast car and never really putting it to the test.

The features:

There’s no such thing as the right specs for content creation. It all depends on the type of content you’re planning on producing and the software included that will deliver your request.

First on the list of requisites and everyone’s go-to feature is the right camera.

More megapixels mean more detailed images, and finding a device that has the right weight of an aperture, including an image stabilizer should deliver some jaw-dropping content.

Then we move into performance

Features like the Snapdragon 800 series and Apple’s A14 bionic actually mean something for those who think they’re just numbers.  These enable faster video and photo processing when coupled with RAM (Random Access Memory).

A higher RAM

A higher RAM means your device will handle multitasking a lot easier. More than 6GB could translate to smoother and faster processing.

Next, we must consider storage

In today’s era, pictures need massive storage, both phone and cloud storage.  This means any device you consider must deliver enough space for large media files without slowing down to a crawl when under stress.

For sum of us, the battery plays a massive role.

You’re looking for a device that can charge and get you through the day on a single charge.  A device that can carry its weight. Something with over 4000mAh and the ability to fast charge should make your life a little bit more comfortable.

Next, we look at the display quality, whether you want full HD, or mid-tier, the quality matters a lot especially when we consider you will be making content.  Seeing the content in clear colour accuracy is pivotal.  Features such as AMOLED/OLED tech cater bright colour ratios which make you appreciate your investment even more.

The operating system is a crucial note to consider as iOS 14 ensures users get the latest apps and software upgrades.  Android users also have Android 10 and higher which deliver exceptionally well.

Is the device mostly plastic or can it withstand a few drops?

These are some of the factors to consider when looking for your next buy.

  • Apple: iPhones, especially the ones in the Pro series, are known for their excellent camera quality, powerful processors, and a robust ecosystem for content creation apps.
  • Samsung: Galaxy S and Note series devices often feature high-quality displays, versatile camera systems, and powerful processors.
  • Google: Pixel phones are known for their exceptional camera software, providing excellent photo and video quality.
  • OnePlus: Known for offering high-performance devices with good camera capabilities, especially in their Pro models.
  • Sony: Xperia phones often come with advanced camera technology, including features derived from their expertise in imaging sensors.
  • Huawei devices come with a lot of camera prowess including Kunlun Glass screens which is better screen protection against those dreaded drops.  Huawei devices offer better prices while delivering a competitive lineup of devices.
  • Honor: Honor has carved a mark for itself to bring forward competitive prices for devices with almost all features covered.

The smartphone market is continuously changing and the next three years could see us enter an entirely different cellphone market completely, but we hope your next purchase decision is solid and one you can be proud of.

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