Honor’s plan at MWC 2024, cutting edge AI, innovation and awards

Honor received the GLOMO Award for Best in Show alongside an impressive tally of 45 Best of MWC2024 nods from media outlets.

We spotted a magnitude of AI innovation at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC2024) in smartphones, alongside the latest ideas on how generative AI can change the way we interact with technology.

This means the brand Honor may just be finding its recipe in retaining solid trust from consumers.

The brand focused on two company strategies this year, the first was the new AI-empowered all-scenario strategy, which emphasizes cross-OS collaboration and human-centric intent-based AI between devices.

The second focused on embracing the future of AI with collaboration and openness, which will be achieved through leading global industry partners such as Google, Microsoft, Intel, NVDIA and Qualcomm, with a promise to unlock new possibilities in technology.

Honor introduced the Honor Magic 6 Pro with impressive AI advancements and AI integration.

This was showcased through its automotive control capabilities. Honor showcased the Magic 6 Pro’s AI-powered eye-tracking feature, which enables hands-free steering of a vehicle using eye gaze interpretation.

By looking at specific buttons for a few seconds, users can activate commands, which reflects in the car’s movement.  This innovative application of AI shows the vast potential of human device interaction beyond traditional controls.

Honor also shed light on the Honor Magic V2 with its interesting design coupled with industry-leading battery prowess. This positioned the Magic V2 as a solid contender in the foldable technology series in terms of innovation.

Honor has been dubbed a fast-growing smartphone brand in the country due to it’s fact sheet to secure market share position in Q4 of 2023 according to a report by Counterpoint.

AI took center stage at this years MW Congress in Barcelona and cutting-edge innovations from different brands were a spectacle to be witnessed.

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