Huawei introduces Nova 12 series, Nova 12i, Nova 12SE, nova12s

China consumer group Huawei has launched a sparkling Nova 12 series lineup expected to arrive in April but is available for preorders from Huawei’s online store.

Part of the Huawei Nova 12 series expected to land in the country come April are the Huawei Nova 12s, the Nova 12SE, and the Nova 12i.

Users can expect traditional Huawei Nova features such as the popular Star Orbit Ring, an ultra-wide portrait camera, and an OLED edge display.

The Huawei Nova series of smartphones were introduced in the market around 2016.  The brand has since positioned the Nova series as a device for stylish smartphone users who understand that looks do matter.

Announcing the product on Monday evening, Huawei confirmed the Nova series of smartphones were one of their popular devices according to consumers.

Since 2016, the Nova series has evolved into a device that caters to both aesthetic appeal and camera muscle.


The Nova models usually follow a similar recipe.  They come with impressive battery power, looks, and are devices that are competitively priced for users who cannot reach flagship device price points.

We spot tradition in the latest Nova 12 series and it’s that line of tradition that seems to have propelled the Nova series into a common favourite on South African shores.

We can expect 0 to 62 % charging in 30 minutes, unique petal texture designs, star orbit rings, OLED displays, and thin, lightweight devices as the Nova series appears to consistently reach for appeal as its selling point.

Looking at the historic timeline of the Nova, the Nova 11 arrived last year around June. We saw the Nova 10 in September of 2022, with the Nova 9 in September of 2021.

The introduction of the Nova 12 series lineup in April this year proves that there’s an intention to make upgrades at a quicker pace for the market to experience from the Huawei camp. We could even speculate quicker production timelines in the future.

We heard no mention of AI during the introduction of the Huawei Nova 12 series lineup but we do know from previous device reviews that the series does feature some smart AI additions.

The incoming series features 5G capability alongside a Qualcomm 5G chipset. These are fast devices that can multitask and we cannot wait to get our hands on them to really put them to the test.

Appeal is one thing, but the device must deliver. While the Nova is a crowd favourite, it’s important for Huawei to introduce different instead of safe, otherwise, the brand may get stuck in the past while competitors edge forward with innovative designs including software.

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