Samsung unpacks an intelligent AI TV, a new era begins

South Korean tech giant Samsung has just introduced an interesting series of smart AI TVs with NQ8 AI Generation 3 and Gen 2 processors promising more details where viewers need them the most.

During an intimate launch in Fourways Samsung introduced the Neo QLED 8K QN900 alongside the QN800D.

The QN900D comes in sizes 75″ and 85″ while the QN800D comes in the 65″ model.

Samsung unwrapped these promising latest game-changing set of smart TVs that may redefine what a TV will be used for today.

The latest AI TVs enhance viewing experience and integrate advanced tech into the consumer’s life.

Samsung says this latest introduction in smart AI TVs represents the brands’ commitment to innovation by introducing AI in an effort to raise the bar in terms of viewing experience.

The QN900D comes with an NQ8 AI Gen3 processor which Samsung boasts as a powerful processor with a neural processing unit that introduces some compelling AI muscle.

Think better quality thanks to what Samsung described as upscaling during their launch last night.

Powered by 512 neural AI networks, their series comes with an AI motion enhancer pro which pretty much turns what used to be just an appliance to watch popular TV shows into an online and effective display of entertainment.

Their leading NQ900D features quantum matrix tech alongside neo-quantum HDR 8K Pro.

Prices range between R150 000, R 130 000, and R 70 000 for the 85″  QN900D 75″.

The 75-inch QN900D comes in at R 130 000, the 85-inch at R150 ooo, with the QN800D landing at a tender R 70 000.

The latest introduction of Samsung smart AI TV’s promises to inspire workplace efficiency and a new way of life.

With fast data processing, they are more likely to reduce power consumption and this is an automatic thumbs up to any consumer.

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