Watch the tail happy self-driving BMW M235i in action

BMW M235i

If you think self-driving car technology is all doom and gloom, fear not, because BMW has unveiled a self-driving version of the M235i which has a wild propensity for oversteer!

“Oversteer – noun
1. The handling of an automobile that causes turns that are sharper than the driver intends because the rear wheels slide to the outside of the corner before the front wheels lose traction.”

“The BMW Group has created a new kind of research prototype for highly automated driving which uses advanced control technology to demonstrate maximum safety up to the car’s dynamic limit,” reads the press release. It sounds suspiciously like BMW is introducing this technology as some sort of safety feature, which would be a tragedy for those of us with two ham fists…(sarcastic font).

In all seriousness what the systems will do in the onset of oversteer or understeer is actively intervene – presumably in the process of you having an accident — making sure that with a combination of autonomous steering, braking and accelerating you won’t end up backwards and in a tree. Which is nice. Although personally I prefer a little slip and a dab-of-oppo, under my own power thank you very much…impressive nonetheless though.



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