Fomm’s Concept One may be the cutest floating EV we’ve ever seen

Ridiculously small electric cars can be pretty difficult to love (I mean look at the G Wiz for crying out loud), but when said small electric car is also capable of traveling over water then things suddenly start to look a lot more interesting.

That’s why we’re intrigued by the FOMM Concept One, which puts out a miserly 10Kw of power in total. The extremely lightweight vehicle (it weighs just 460kgs) is designed specifically for South East Asia, where flooding can sometimes render roads impassable.

Unfortunately though, you won’t just be able to drive FOMM’s creation into your nearest lake. The company says that it will require maintenance once it’s been on the water and that it isn’t meant to be a permanently amphibious vehicle.

Designed for short trips — the company’s acronym stands for First One Mile Mobility — the Concept One features a slightly modified motorbike-style steering handle and a heat storage cooling system.

Don’t expect to see the Concept One floating past you on a flooded street any time soon though. At this stage, it’s still very much a pipe dream.



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