E-Type reborn: Jaguar to complete its 50-year-old promise

Jaguar E Type Lightweight

In 1963, Jaguar planned to build 18 “Lightweight E” E-types, but for reasons unknown the company only made 12. To remedy this grave indiscretion, the automaker has announced plans to construct the remaining six vehicles to the exact original specifications, nearly 50 years later.

There’s no information of what these pieces of history will cost, but considering the original vehicles with proven racetrack pedigree can fetch up to US$6.7 million each, we reckon a seven-digit price tag.

The “2014” Jaguar E-type lightweights will stay true to the original design specs, from the spiritual home Coventry-based Browns Lane factory, to the handcrafted materials used. The six revivals will feature the iconic aluminium monocoque body and aluminium-alloy 3.8-litre six-cylinder engine. Back then, the engines generated around 300-horsepower.

Jaguar will allow some modern creature comforts though, allowing buyers to choose their paint colour and any other modern features, should they so desire.

Hopefully more marques will follow Jaguar in reviving their classic cars in the future. Holding onto the past may not be such a bad thing after all, especially if the past sounds anything like this.

Image: via Brian Snelson

Andy Walker, former editor


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