Fiat’s crazy new ad is made up entirely of animated gifs

Fiat gif ad

Just think about this: car ads. Chances are the first thing that popped into your head was a gleaming silver machine rounding some artful corners on some picturesque road in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps it was a montage of young attractive people and cute families doing exciting things with a car strategically placed somewhere in the frame. It probably wasn’t a robot gif.

But that’s the route Fiat has taken for their latest video ad. The US branch of the company took inspiration from its Tumblr page, combining a stream of looping gifs into one of the craziest clips you’ll see from a car manufacturer.

There are bananas escaping from a Fiat 500’s sun roof, a troupe of dancing human/horse hybrids, and even a sloth DJ, all linked with the tagline “Endless fun” (with repeating gifs… see what they did there?).

According to Chrysler Chief Marketing Officer Olivier Francois (who spoke to AdAge), the ads are an experiment made up of gifs it produced for Tumblr, but it’s also inviting users to submit their own creations using the hashtag #MyFIATUSA.

“I thought they were crazy,” Francois said. “Crazy weird. Crazy fun. Crazy cheap to produce as well. Maybe a new culture of commercial.”



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