Nissan reveals a little more of its Vision Gran Turismo concept

If you’re the kind of person who pays attention to that kind of thing, you might have noticed something odd in the most recent image Nissan released of all of its cars you can drive in the new Gran Turismo game. It wasn’t exactly inconspicuous: in the bottom corner was a car covered in a bright red blanket, with the date “June 10, 2014” beneath it.

Most assumed that the date meant that Nissan would reveal the car on the date, but it turns out that it just marked when Nissan would release the next teaser image of its Gran Turismo concept.

So what can we tell from the teaser? Well the virtual car looks menacing as all hell, it also looks like it could go like the wind but it’s unclear exactly how fast it’ll be in the game.

For that, it seems likely we’ll have to wait until 16 June when Nissan’s promised to “reveal the next chapter in its passion for performance”.

When it comes to seeing the car in the flesh meanwhile, we’ll have to wait until the Goodwood Festival of Speed and even then, it’s unclear whether or not the Japanese car maker will make a drivable version of the thing.



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