Is this the best Ferrari-inspired simulator wheel ever? [video]

ferrari steering wheel

Simulators are cool, but they’ll never provide drivers with the authentic atmosphere and fear, for that matter, present in a real racing car. That doesn’t mean people don’t try though. This particular simulator user has modified his steering wheel to look exactly like Ferrari’s authentic kit.

The device in question was a Thrustmaster T500RS once upon a time, and as you may know, the product out-of-the-box is incredibly bland and uninspiring. While Formula 1 steering wheels and indeed, cars, become more complex, simulator steering wheels seem dated and stuck in the past, not providing drivers with anywhere near the augmented experience they desperately crave.

But the YouTuber known as DigiProst has taken matters into his own hands, adorning his once vague and vapid piece of kit with new LED RPM lights up top, a carbon fibre-like backplate and a more accurate colour scheme, akin to the real Ferrari wheel. Compared to Thrustmaster’s default Ferrari add on, this mod looks more like Fernando Alonso’s unit than a simulator accessory.

DigiProst kindly demonstrates his kit by taking viewers for a lap around Interlagos. He fails to mention what the modifications did to his wallet though, but for the experience, a personalised rig is priceless. Of course, getting your hands on an authentic Formula 1 steering wheel can cost upwards of US$50 000, or a small house.

Andy Walker, former editor


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