This scrap-wood Bugatti Veyron is more impressive than the real thing, but a lot slower

We all appreciate the marvelous technology involved in a single Bugatti Veyron. The level of engineering expertise involved in taking a car beyond the mythical 400km/h barrier is phenomenal. But as an offshoot, so is the price. The average (let alone the fairly wealthy) Joe Blogs couldn’t afford a Veyron — or even half of one. But that’s about to change.

In Central Java, Indonesia, a group of skilled wood-ticklers have lovingly crafted a bespoke, one of a kind scrap wood Veyron. It also costs just £2000. Bargain.

Featuring none of the 1001 horses than makes the real Veyron the scary widow-maker that it is, the wooden Veyron is nevertheless, as impressive. It’s a 1:1 scale model as well, which means that every sculptured lines mirrors the real Veyron’s stylish exterior. It’s about as accurate and elaborate as models get — even the lower front airdam’s grating is visible. And let me not even start on thse tyres. Michelin would be impressed.

It might be weird to find a car completely engulfed in wood, but using trees in the construction of automobiles goes back further than composite plastic, steel and carbon fibre. Even Formula 1 cars — the self-proclaimed pinnacles of motorsport — use wooden planks beneath their floors.

Morgan, the iconic British manufacturer, also insists on building its cars from wood which makes for some real manic cars, especially when they drop a BMW M5 V8 motor into the engine bay.

This isn’t the only car these guys have birthed either. Previous models include a 1957 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing and a few Yamaha motorcycles. But have a look at the incredible workmanship that went into the wooden Veyron below.

Featured image: Yudakasuma

Andy Walker, former editor


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