Audi shows off Q7 rear passenger tablets

Right now there are a couple of options if you want the rear passengers in your car to have tablets. The first, cheaper, option involves sticking the devices in plastic filing sleeves and threading the headrests through the holes. The second involves buying the kind of car usually driven by someone employed to do so. The launch of the new Audi Q7 could however see that change forever.

The 2016 version of Audi’s large and in charge SUV will come with the option of mounting a tablet or two on the rear seats.

According to Audi, its tablet “can stand up to the demanding challenges in the car – it is temperature-resistant and offers the necessary crash safety lacking in conventional end-device solutions”.

If your passengers are children, we would however advise turning off the features which allow rear passengers to gain access to the vehicle’s radio, media, navigation and car functions.

It’s unclear what OS the tablet runs, although it seems most likely that it’ll be a version of Android.

The upside is obvious enough: your kids are way more likely to keep quiet if they’ve got something entertaining them in the back seat. The downside? They’ll never learn to love that special kind of boredom that comes with long roadtrips, the kind that makes you count sheep, or invent games based on the other cars around them.



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