Russia gets creepy with ATV-driving robot

If you’re the kind of person who fears humanity’s inevitable demise at the hands of our robot overlords, look away now. Russia has a brand new ATV-driving cyborg and it looks incredibly scary.

The bot, which was recently presented to Russian leader Vladimir Putin, is apparently meant to function as some kind of avatar for soldiers. According to the state-owned news agency Sputnik News, the futuristic-looking droid will go into combat situations too dangerous for soldiers.

Once in the fray it will reportedly be able to both fire weapons and render aid.

If the first of those doesn’t completely terrify you, take a look at this crazy piece of science fiction brought to life.

When Vladimir Putin has that look on his face, you can be pretty damn certain you haven’t created something that’s going to win a ton of humanitarian awards.

Putin saw the battle bot as part of his tour of the Central Scientific Research Institute of Precision Engineering Tochmash. According to Russia Today’s Facebook page, the Russian “military is busy building autonomous tanks, unmanned vehicles, and other weapons one won’t be ashamed of in the 21st century.”



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