BMW Canada rolls out completely baffling M6 ad

There are a couple of approaches you can take when it comes to making car ads. The first and most obvious is to extol the virtues of the actual car (although that’s not always easy when a competitor’s car manages to pack in the same features at a much a lower price). The second is to position the car as representing some kind of high-minded ideal, like freedom, discovery, or dependability.

With the latest spot for the M6 Gran Coupe, it seems BMW Canada took a big ol’ swing at the latter and ended confirming our worst fears about the kind of people who drive BMWs.

Set to the thrilling background of an awards introduction and featuring footage of the M6 Gran Coup driving around a track at night.

With enough lateral thinking, it’s a pretty effective way of telling the peasants who’ve stuck to ordinary office jobs that they’ll never be able to afford the car. That said, if the kind of person described in the speech track to the ad is who BMW is hoping will buy the car, we’d humbly suggest avoiding M6 Gran Coupe owners at dinner parties.

That said, if BMW were to take a more literal approach and spin this out into a series about a car that works its way up to entrepreneurial success, we’d be pretty keen



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