Bonkers design firm plans to stick 550bhp Ferrari engine in a Fiat 500

When it comes to bonkers car projects, we’d have to say that sticking a 550bhp Ferrari engine in the back of a Fiat 500 has to be right up there.

It’s the kind of thing that seems bound to end in disaster, but it appears that Lazzarini Design is determined to do it.

Of course, such a project entails more than just shoving a massive engine in the back and connecting all the relevant pipes. That would explain why Lazzarini’s 500 is 350mm wider on the rear part and about 250mm wider in the front, than the stock Fiat.

This isn’t just a swivel-eyed vision resulting from the design firm’s staff going on a three week bender either. It really plans to build this thing into a one-off production vehicle that some brave/foolish soul will be able to buy for around US$550 000.

Oh and before you swagger your way to the front of the queue claiming that you’ll be able to throw this piece of Frankenstein-inspired insanity around corners like a pro, remember that it’s also 500kg lighter than standard 500.

Is that a bead of sweat we see on your forehead? Yeah we thought so.



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