The new Alfa Giulia is powerful, looks sensible

Alfa Romeo has unveiled its new flagship and while it looks like it should be treat to drive, it does appear to have sacrificed some of that special “Alfa-ness”.

Called the Giulia, the car features a Ferrari-inspired six-cylinder 510hp powertrain and slew of innovative engineering features, including 50/50 weight distribution, stability control, and an active aero splitter (for increased downforce).

According to Alfa, all of these features come together to make the ride in the Giulia, which goes from 0 to 100km/h in 3.9 seconds, “thrilling”. We don’t doubt that, but thrilling as it may be to drive, there’s definitely a sense that it won’t feature any unpredictability that usually defines Alfas.

Then again, it’s possible that we’re being a little harsh. Alfa does after all say that “electronics should only be used to make the driving experience guaranteed by excellent basic mechanicals even more exhilarating”.

None of that however changes that Giulia looks a little, well, safe. Don’t get us wrong, the Alfa trefoil nose will always hold a special place in every true motoring fanatic’s heart, but it’s problematic that this particular model looks like it would be at home parked outside a golf club.

Still, we’ll reserve judgement on the Giulia until we’ve seen it in the flesh, especially given Alfa’s assurance that the team behind it share “a common love for Alfa Romeo and its unique concept of cars as ‘mechanical creations’ which transcend the realm of necessity to verge on that of the most authentic emotions and not just ‘useful means of transport’.”



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