Terrafugia unveils design for new flying car

Terrafugia has released a new images and video for its proposed TF-X flying car concept. And by the looks of things, it’s the kind of thing anyone brought up on a diet of The Jetsons has been dreaming of their whole lives.

The TF-X is four-seat hybrid electric which Teffafugia claims will make flying easier than any other aircraft to come before it. Thanks to its vertical take off and landing capabilities, Terrafugia also says that the TF-X won’t need a runway.

That feature comes courtesy of a pair of electric motors which fold away in cruise mode. In cruise mode, the 300bhp engines will power to the TF-X to speeds of around 321km/h.

If Terrafugia’s video is anything to go by, you’ll also be able to park the car in your garage and in an average-sized parking space.

According to the flying car company, a one-tenth scale wind tunnel test model of the TF-X has been successfully developed based around the new design. The model will be tested at the MIT Wright Brothers wind tunnel, the same tunnel that was used to test models of Terrafugia’s Transition.

The company says that the wind tunnel test model will be used to measure drag, lift and thrust forces while simulating hovering flight, transitioning to forward flight and full forward flight.



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