This parking spot-sized garage looks like an awesome solution for city dwellers everywhere

If you live in a big city where garage parking is scarce, you probably know all too well how much damage the elements can do to your car when you leave it out in the open. Birds, rain, sunshine and even some leaves can do serious damage over time. And that’s to say nothing of what can happen if you live on a street with a large number of party spots.

Fortunately, the Chinese appear to have come up with a pretty innovative solution. It comes in the shape of a folding garage which is no bigger than a parking spot.

As Carscoops notes this sort of folding garage isn’t entirely new.

What we are seeing now though is an increasing amount of automation and tech in them.

Given how neat these folding garages are at preventing people from stealing your parking spot, we can see immense potential for app-based integration. A smart parking app, combined with the folding garage could, for instance, allow you to sublet, or rent out, your parking space while you’re at work or on holiday.

Check it out:

Chinese company creates a cocoon-style garage for your ride

Posted by Carscoops on Monday, July 13, 2015



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