Marty McFly, Doc Brown reunite…for a Toyota ad

On 21 October, middle-aged Back to the Future fans will find themselves staring into space, wondering exactly how many of the technologies the film predicted are in existence in 2015.

While that’s undoubtedly a pleasant exercise, they find all the information they need in a matter of minutes. All they’ll need to do is watch Toyota’s video reuniting Doc Brown and Marty McFly.

The Japanese auto giant reunited Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd in the lead up to the launch of its Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle.

“Over the years we’ve had a lot of fun predicting which Back to the Future fictional 2015 technology would arrive by the real year,” Michael J. Fox said. “Now that we’re a week away, I think fans are going to have a good time with what Toyota sees as a true possibility for transportation. It’s actually really cool.”

While the technology behind Hydrogen-powered cars is pretty cool, it’s not exactly futuristic as Toyota division group vice president and general manager, reveals in describing the project.

“This Back to the Future-inspired milestone has taken 30 years to arrive, and Toyota has been developing hydrogen fuel cell technology almost that long,” he said. “There’s no better way to generate excitement for a turning point in automotive history than with a film that celebrated the possibilities of the future.”

Still seeing two great actors reunited for a car launch could be pretty cool.



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