Intel is using drones, AI to make better race drivers, races


Motorsport is one of the most data-heavy disciplines out there, as sensor-rigged cars generate a ton of info during a race. But Intel thinks it can improve races for both drivers and viewers, using drones and AI to do so.

The company used CES 2018 to announce a collaboration with the Ferrari Challenge North America racing series, to “enhance the motorsports experience for spectators and illustrate the potential of artificial intelligence for transforming the future of motorsports”.

What does the PR-speak actually mean, though?

Benefits for drivers, fans?

AI, combined with aerial footage from drones, will be used to generate deeper insight into the races for fans. In fact, the chipmaker says that the tech will “generate storylines about drivers that help illustrate a more compelling race”, as the AI uncovers patterns unseen by broadcasters and pundits.

But the drone footage and machine learning will also benefit drivers, Intel notes, as the combination will deliver real-time analysis of the racer’s performance. “Artificial intelligence can continuously analyse data streams to find unexpected insights that the driver can use to improve lap times,” read an excerpt of a post by Intel.

Intel adds that the combo of drone footage and AI could also deliver “enhanced perspectives”.

“For example, artificial intelligence could compare the entry and exit angles that a driver takes in turns from lap to lap or compare across different drivers and identify which turns were fastest.”

Featured image: Ferrari YouTube screenshot



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