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All posts tagged "Adobe Flash"

  • Why it might not be time to jump on the HTML5 bandwagon just yet

    In April 2010, Steve Jobs published an open letter on Flash on Apple’s official website that he called “Thoughts on Flash”. In it he openly explained why the Cupertino giant had refused to use Flash player on its mobile devices. The Flash vs. HTML5 debate had long been on the lips of developers across the world by then, and this letter fuelled the fire even further. Two years on we’re still reading about the demise of Flash and the rise of HTML5. But is HTML5 really all it’s cracked up to be? When talking about Flash and HTML5, there are...

  • Flashplayer 11 brings native 64-bit support to Linux… and more

    Adobe has announced that it was making available its first beta of Flash Player 11, and whereas with new updates being released almost as an afterthought, Linux users were amazed to discover that for this release, Adobe has provided a Linux binary at the same time that it has released the Windows and Mac OS X installers. This release shows that Adobe is taking a different tack. New features include native 64-bit support for Linux 64-bit operating systems using 64-bit web browsers; Linux Vector Printing, a feature that has already been available to Windows and Mac users, but that...

  • 5 factors currently affecting web-design

    The world of web design has seen many changes in last decade. How we design is determined by the times, the current trends and the latest fads in the age of blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Below are five factors currently affecting design. The Facebook interface Facebook is very proud of their 500 million+ active users who cumulatively spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. To avoid frustrating these Facebook literate users, web-designers are going to have to start following the User Interface conventions that Facebook has created: Vertical page navigation on the left; User navigation top right; Content centre;...

  • Ubuntu tech board united against flash

    The Ubuntu Tech Board have unanimously voted against restricted software being included in Ubuntu by default. The Ubuntu Restricted Extras package which can be found in the Ubuntu Software Centre, includes a number of proprietary extras such as codecs and fonts but it also includes the infamous Adobe Flash. Canonical is diligently trying to get Ubuntu to a level where everything “just works” and being able to watch Youtube videos out of the box is a major factor. However, the proprietary nature of Flash is counter-intuitive to Ubuntu’s open source principals and the board have made their decision for the...

  • Wallaby: Adobe’s new Flash to HTML 5 conversion tool

    Earlier this week, Adobe Labs released Wallaby, a new experimental Flash to HTML 5 conversion tool which will hopefully allow developers and designers to begin porting their Flash apps and games to devices that do not currently support the Flash runtimes such as the iPhone and iPad. Wallaby has a very straightforward UI which accepts an FLA file as input and exports the HTML and support files with an option to launch the default...

  • Facebook for your video chats – a recipe for success?

    Startup SocialEyes introduced a service on Monday allowing users have one-on-one or group video chats with friends through mega social media platform, Facebook. SocialEyes launched its test version at recent DEMOconference for technology startups, The service is now made available online at socialeyes.com or the Facebook SocialEyes app. SocialEyes users sign on with Facebook IDs and can connect with known friends or other members of the online community with shared interests. It is a free service and works directly within your browser using Adobe Flash, a multimedia platform for animation and video. Users can have multiple video conversations going on at once...