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All posts tagged "Facebook marketing"

  • Ouch. Forrester’s new research says that Facebook ads are ‘failing marketers’

    If you were Facebook -- a business which derives 88% of its income from advertising -- the last thing you'd want to hear is that some new research is suggesting brands don't get much value from your ads and shouldn't set aside a dedicated budget to pay for them. Unfortunately for Zuck and co., that's exactly what has happened. According to a new report from technology and market research company Forrester, the social network is "failing marketers" and hasn't revolutionised digital marketing at all. Instead, the research house claims it "does little to support social experiences between brands and customers"...

  • Facebook Studio launched: A platform for creatives

    Facebook has recently launched a new community site called Facebook Studio – a platform for creative and innovative social media agencies and marketers to come together and share their ideas. The site not only serves as a showcase of the best marketing campaigns on Facebook, but allows the company to interact with agencies in a collaborative, creative learning space. “On Facebook Studio you can get recognized for your creativity, be inspired by your peers, and browse a collection of work that represents some of the best marketing on Facebook. You'll also find information and resources to help you strengthen...

  • Five ways to integrate social media into your overall marketing mix

    Although social media can give you good returns for a fraction of the monetary cost of a traditional marketing campaign, you should still think of it as just one element of your overall marketing mix. Social media marketing does occupy a useful place, but it is still best used in conjunction with other marketing, rather than as a single magical cure-all that exists in isolation. One important reason for this is that the audience engaging with you over social media channels is likely to be smaller than the one exposed to your brand through more traditional channels such as advertising, in-store...