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All posts tagged "link building"

  • What are the emerging trends in SEO?

    If there is one thing that every user knows, it is that search engines are consistently changing their algorithms in order to keep one step ahead of everyone else. The reason why they do this is to ensure that no one is able to manipulate their algorithms in order to rank well, which is important, because this ensures that the end users are able to get the most relevant results from their listings, and that these relevant results also consist of high quality content. Due to this consistent change, emerging trends in both search engine optimisation and link building will...

  • The correlation between search engine rankings and social media

    Social media sites have a major impact on the Internet as a whole, and all things directly and indirectly are now affected by this impact, and rightfully so. What social media has been able to achieve, is to help surfers do exactly what they have always dreamed of: socialise. With the world becoming smaller and smaller and communication becomes easier, all marketing media and other online marketing tools will be affected in some way or another. Search engine rankings are no exception either. In fact, this is one area where you will find a huge change compared to how things...