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All posts tagged "Mexico"

  • Earth’s volcanoes are angry: Mexico, Bali and Vanuatu on alert

    The world was supposed to end on 23 September, but we're all still here. However, the planet wants to remind everyone that our existence is hinged on its mood. This week, volcanoes in Indonesia, Mexico and Vanuatu are all threatening eruptions, with some angry craters prompting evacuations. Ambae Island, Vanuatu Around 3000km north of New Zeland in the southwestern Pacific, over 10 000 people have been ordered to evacuate Vanuatu's Ambae Island, in the wake of a possible eruption of Manaro Voui. Citizens will be "evacuated by ship to the neighbouring islands of Maewo, Espiritu Santo, Pentecost and Malakula," Vanuatu Digest reports. #Breaking:...

  • What on-demand TV needs to work in emerging markets

    Of the hundreds of channels from your cable or satellite provider, how many do you actually watch? I watch 21. On an exam, that would be a definitive fail. Variety is used to mask overpricing, and we the consumers are none the wiser. In a world where most things are DIY, why is it that television is stuck in the past? It’s the equivalent of being sold an expensive bag of stones and told there is a piece of silver somewhere in there. Why can’t you just get the silver? What’s on demand TV? On demand TV allows pay TV packages to...

  • Could Google+ and Twitter upstage Facebook in Latin America?

    Latin American countries get social media. Brazil and Mexico lay claim to the world's second and fifth largest Facebook populations respectively. But it's not just Facebook that's making its mark in the region. The big blue social network alone wouldn't provide enough users to account for online research company eMarketer's prediction that the region's social media population will continue to grow by double digits through to 2014. Interestingly, the region seems a lot more taken with Google+ than the social network's US home base is. Data from Global Web Index suggests that Argentina, Brazil and Mexico each have Google+...

  • 90% of social network users in Mexico on Facebook

    When it comes to studying social networks in emerging market countries, Mexico occasionally gets pushed aside by the BRICS. It shouldn't be. The country looks set to overtake the UK for fifth place in Facebook user numbers, despite the fact that only 30% of the population uses it. Those 36.5-million or so Facebook users also account for 90% of Mexico's social network users. It's growth in the country isn't about to slow down...

  • Mexican ‘Twitter terrorists’ face 30 years in prison

    Two Mexican nationals are facing a thirty-year prison sentence for causing wide-spread chaos through a series of tweets related to child kidnapping. Maria de Jesus Bravo Pagola and Gilberto Martinez Vera have both been accused of spreading malicious rumours through Twitter that armed gangsters were attacking schools and kidnapping children in the city of Veracruz. As a result of the tweets, emergency phone lines completely jammed and traffic came to a standstill...