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All posts tagged "olympic games"

  • London Eye hosts the first Twitter based, positivity-powered light show

    Think measuring sentiment in social media is difficult? Try using it to power a light show on one of London's most iconic landmarks. But that's exactly what EDF Energy has decided to do for this year's Olympic Games: it's measuring the sentiment in tweets about the games and representing the score using lights on the London Eye. The project, called "Energy of the Nation", launched last night in London. It uses a sentiment algorithm, the geo-location tag, IP addresses and the places mentioned in tweets to gauge how Twitter users in the country really feel about the Games. The...

  • How online tools can help determine the worth of a sporting sponsorship

    It's a good year to be talking about sponsorship effectiveness. A very good year. Sure, 2010 was a pretty good one too, but the Olympic Games take it to another level. While it may not bring in the same value in sponsorship dollars as that overly-regulated tournament where men in shorts fall over if you so much as sneeze in their direction, the prestige of an event which had its first incarnation in the BC years adds another dimension. Sponsorship investments, and their effectiveness, have long been a challenge for brands to get their heads around. What constitutes a...