The Bullard cacophony

It is interesting to note that I first got wind of David Bullard’s column via the blogosphere as opposed to the Sunday Times website or the newspaper itself. The irony. Yes I know I am probably the last person in the blogosphere to blog about this, but I actually have a job! And I have to work during the day! But I’d thought I’d join the Bullard cacophony just for good measure.

Obviously bloggers have to respond. But what some fail to see (or grasp) is that there is a strong baiting element to Bullard’s excellent columns. In fact every week there is a strong sarcastic and satirical edge to his writing. Just about the silliest thing a blogger can do is reply with righteous indignation and call for his head. And Bullard does rightfully point out some weaknesses in blogging, albeit in a sarcastic tone. (And who’s saying ‘blogging’ is ‘journalism’? Some blogs are journalism, some aren’t, some don’t care.) But bloggers love a good bunfight and we also know that the blogosphere loves talking about itself. Cue the amatomu tag cloud for this week’s hot topic:

David Bullard on Amatomu

There’s some naasty bloggers on the loose! I think Bullard better get even stronger burglar bars.

Update: Some lively debate happening on the Sunday Times Deputy Editors/Times Editor’s blog.

Matthew Buckland: Publisher


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