WAN Links: User generated content, future of the newspaper & Zapiro on Zuma

New Strategic Reports From Shaping the Future of the Newspaper. Five new strategy reports on some of the most important recent developments in the newspaper industry globally — increasing digital revenue development, advertising best practices, innovative management systems, newspaper company reorganisation and the power of local focus — have just been published by the World Association of Newspapers.

User generated content session video – Is user generated content bringing anything new to news? What does the future look like in a world in which the consumer is increasingly taking over the printing press, the dark room and the television studio?

How to create an integrated newsroom: ‘Just do it’. While well-resourced newspapers in the developed world are embarking on ambitious projects to merge their print and online operations into a single, sleek news machine, their colleagues in African and other developing countries are nowhere near such convergence, battling a lack of resources and tough media laws.

Roll on the Integrated newroom revolution! – Producing print and online content simultaneously needs a revolution in newsroom structures and practices, editors argued at a session at the World Editors Forum…

Jacob Zuma addresses WAN delegates
– Jacob Zuma shared lunch, thoughts and a few laughs with a group of WAN and WEF delegates this afternoon.

Jonathan Shapiro/Zapiro — doodles the profile of Jacob Zuma while Zuma was defending his lawsuits against various SA media, journalists and one cartoonist, namely Zapiro. Check out the Bizcommunity.com video and pix of this moment.

Matthew Buckland: Publisher


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