Google Buzz up there with Julius Malema says Time Magazine

Time Magazine has named Google Buzz as a “loser” in a list of the magazine’s “Least Influential People of 2010“. Google’s attempt at social networking also appears to be in the same company as controversial ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema who also made the list as a “moron”.

Time Magazine refers to Google Buzz, which secured the number two spot on the list, as “some kind of thing on your computer”.

The article says: “Remember when Gmail invited you — just you! — to join Google Buzz, where you could connect all your social networks with your e-mail? Or maybe it was something totally different. All I know is that I already had more things that did that crap than I wanted.”

As for Malema the influential magazine says: “Malema is just like (Vice- President) Joe Biden – if instead of innocuous, silly slip-ups, Biden delivered violent, racist, misogynist rants. It got so bad, he’s been censured by his party and convicted of hate speech. So he just said violent things about the party”.

Malema is facing disciplinary action by the ANC for bringing the party into disrepute, involving his endorsement of Zimbabwe’s Zanu-PF political party, commenting on the death of white supremacist AWB leader Eugene Terreblanche and verbally abusing BBC journalist Jonah Fisher, whom he called a “bastard” and a “bloody agent”.

Malema also features alongside the Apple employee who left the new iPhone 4G prototype in a bar, Conrad Murray (Michael Jackson’s doctor), Oprah Winfrey’s fiancé Stedman Graham; Balloon Boy’s mother, Mayumi Heene; and the president of the US Metric Association, Lorelle Young.

Most influential honours
Two southern Africans, former first lady of Mozambique and South Africa Graça Machel and District 9 movie director Neill Blomkamp, feature in the most influential roll of honour.

Other Africans named as the most influential include Ivory Coast and Chelsea football star Didier Drogba, Cameroonian ICT director for the Millennium Villages Project Matt Berg and Ethiopian model and World Health Organisation ambassador Liya Kebede.



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