Agliotti a hit on Twitter

Whatever Glenn Agliotti does, he does it whole-heartedly. It was barely a week ago when the alleged underworld boss was encouraged to sign up with Twitter as a way of passing the time during slow court days.

It seems he’s embraced Twitter with a passion, having sent out nearly 100 tweets and amassed more than 800 curious followers on @GlennAgliotti. Agliotti’s micro-blogging life began with the timeless message, “Back in court today. Hope it finally runs”, before launching into a multitude of conversations with his early followers. It seems like the underworld figure really needs people to talk to, and is determined to reply to every tweet he receives.

So far, Agliotti’s tweets have ranged from the mundane, “At home with the babies and my beautiful wife! Tomorrow another day” to the mysterious, “Well done Boks at least my call was worth it,” to the downright philosophical, “Justice delayed is justice denied. Going to enjoy a good glass of wine.”

If one had to judge Agliotti’s character on the contents of his tweets, he comes across as a remarkably ordinary individual. He loves wine, he follows local sports stars closely, loves playing golf and being with his family. And now he loves Twitter too, and frequently calls himself “Capo” when he tweets.

It’s hard to imagine that the man is currently engaged in the fight of his life for his freedom. But perhaps he has been in the dock for so long that, to him, this is what normal life is like.



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