Die Antwoord site hacked. Do they even care?

At first glance, it seems that dieantwoord.com has been hacked, wiping all content off the site, leaving just a three-word expletive ridden sentence repeating all over the screen, with a curiously attractive shifting colour palette in the background. But 24 hours later and there is still no word from the band, via Facebook or Twitter, about it?

This story just keeps getting stranger and stranger. Call me old-fashioned but if someone had spray-painted vile messages all over the front of my house, I’d at least comment on it when people pointed it out to me.
But the only message out of the band has been a tweet about their latest album, which linked to their Facebook page. This is the same band, ironically, who swept to world-wide fame via the power of the social networks.

The longer the site remains down, the more likely it seems that Ninja and Yolandi are in on the act. Or is it such an impressive hack that it has literally rendered them speechless?

The message on the site reads “Dirk f*cks whores.” Now we know who Dirk is — following this message which was posted by the band on their Facebook page yesterday : “Fokken fok! There was a fokken glitch in the matrix. Our interweb countdown just got a extra 24 hours added to it! Dirk Our fokken interwebsite oracle is not answering his fokken phone. He is probably fokken stoned or something. Fok. We can’t fokken believe this. We going to call someone else now to go to Dirks house and f*ck him up while we find a new oracle. Jissis.”

Has this become a vicious attack on the webmaster skills of “Dirk”? Is it Dirk’s revenge? Perhaps the person who was “sent around to Dirk’s house to vok him up” is doing it. No-one can say for certain. But something is not right with the band and their relationship to the interwebs at this point. They should be selling buckets of CD’s from the site, not engaging in mud-slinging with Dirk.

Less than a week ago, Die Antwoord released their new music video “Evil Boy” which featured explicit lyrics and an over-generous screening of rubber dildos, and yesterday the band released their major-label debut $O$, so the timing of this hack has obviously been well thought out, by the hacker or the band.

Right now, the site features nothing else except the words “Dirk F*cks Whores”, repeated over and over.

Entertainment website Dont Party reports that “A deeper look into the source code shows this ‘Poesgesig was here!’, which leads one to believe that the ‘hack’ was created in South Africa.

Still no word from Die Antwoord on their official Twitter stream.

The metadata of the webage reveals that the page is called “Die Antwoord hacking the interwebs.” Does that imply they’re behind it?

We’ll keep you posted.



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