Facebook rolls out new, improved profile pages

The official Facebook Twitter account has tweeted news about improvements to user profiles pages on the social network, making it “easier for you to tell your story and learn about your friends”.

“We’re really excited about the new profile. We’re rolling it out gradually and plan to get it to everyone by early next year,” said Facebook on their official blog.

Users can either wait a while for Facebook to make the changes across its entire platform or upgrade themselves to the new profile page layout and features immediately here: www.facebook.com/about/profile.

Some of the Profile changes include:

A new introduction: A quick overview of basic information such as where a user is from, where they went to school, and where they work—the kinds of conversation starters users share with people they’ve just met or exchange with old friends getting reacquainted.

Recently tagged photos: The profile now includes a row of recently tagged photos of that user.

Featured friends: Users can now highlight the friends who are important to them, such as your family, best friends or teammates. They can create new groups of friends, or feature existing friends lists.

Share interests and activities: The new profile gives users new ways to share their interests and activities. Users can list the projects they worked on at their job, classes they took in school, their favorite musicians and sports teams, and more. Interests and experiences are now represented with images.

Improved Photos and Friends Pages An “infinite scroll” feature makes it faster “and more fun” to browse photos. The Friends page now allows users to quickly find the people they are looking for: Just search by name, hometown, school or a number of other dimensions.



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