Hipster: ‘Something cool is coming soon’ to a city near you

People all around the “twitterverse” have been bragging about signing up for an exclusive invite to a site that does… well, hmn…. what it does is still unknown.

But the site in question, Hipster, is a placeholder that has been generating some serious online buzz. Click onto the site and all you get is a beautiful picture of a city (if you are in the United States, your city specifically). You are welcomed by the rather cryptic message “Something cool is coming”, then you are required to enter your email address to get the exclusive invite to this alleged “something”.

The placeholder is for a startup founded by Douglas Ludlow who also founded MadKast in 2007, a social media/content sharing company, that was acquired by ShareThis.com in 2008.

“You come to this page, and you see a big, beautiful picture of your city, so clearly it has something to do with your city. I think we might have perfected the viral ‘Coming Soon’ page.” Ludlow said to the Washington Post.

The startup launches tomorrow and the site has been building the suspense and anticipation for the last month. No-one knows what Hipster is or what it does and Ludlow isn’t telling.

“You’re not going to get anything new with Facebook,” he says. “You’re not going to get anything with Google.” But apparently Hipster can give you something new, even if that something is made up of used things that you picked up on good will and redressed in a fashionable way.

Tomorrow the big hipster reveal is coming to a city near you and if, like me, you signed up for an exclusive invite, then let’s hope it’s been worth the month-long wait.



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