5 social media ways to do Valentine’s

Ahh, it’s love day. The traditional way of saying I love you is highly overrated. Roses are overdone, chocolates don’t actually seem special anymore. Geeks out there need better ways of expressing their unique geek loves and today, when you need it the most, we have five new ways to do Valentine’s.

  1. The Twitter way: Get your geek trending
  2. What better way to let your geek know that she or he is the center of your geekverse and the only person more important than your one terrabyte external hard-drive or your Xbox? Get your geek trending, mobilise all of Twitter for your geek.

  3. The YouTube way: Make a viral video
  4. He loves me? He loves me not? He YouTubes me! Think about it — there you are sitting at your desk on yet another Valentine’s day with your fat-free yoghurt. You have new mail, it’s a YouTube video starring that guys from IT you never really speak to but thought was kinda cute. He is singing ‘Endless Love’, badly, with a montage of images of you from the office parties in the background. He is asking you to be his valentine. Better than a dozen roses, no? He’s put actual effort into this and risked viral embarrassment.

  5. The Facebook way: Create a Fan Page
  6. Nothing says adoring like a Fan Page on Facebook. Really? Think about it, imagine emailing your special someone the link to their very own Page dedicated to all the things you love about them. A giant heart with his or her face on it. Get the whole of Facebook to like the Page, making him or her a ‘weblebrity’ for Valentine’s.

  7. The Wikipedia way: A love hack
  8. Hack Wikipedia and make every page about your love. Put a giant heart stylishly with your special one as the lead image and relate articles to your special love. Want to know where to stay in New York, here’s the link? What is OPEC? It’s the oil cartel that determines the price of oil, which determines how much that air ticket for a Mauritian getaway will cost.

  9. The Flickr way: A gallery of love
  10. It’s Monday morning, your boss is already on the war path your coffee is cold and there are no more cupcakes to get you the sugar rush you need. It’s Valentine’s Day and even though you claim you hate it you really wish the social media manager you’ve been eyeing will notice you today. Well hello, it’s a Google alert on your name ( because you’re one of those) and there’s a Flickr gallery dedicated to you, from the social media manager.



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