Teenage pop singer goes viral for all the wrong reasons

Be careful what you wish for. That seems to be the bottom line when it comes to the sorry tale of Rebecca Black and her already disastrous pop career.

When the young songstress woke up on Monday morning, her YouTube song “Friday” had only had 10 000 hits. But by the end of the day she had become an internet legend for all the wrong reasons, racking up over 2-million hits and becoming a worldwide trending topic….for all the wrong reasons.

The auto-tuned vocals, the disastrous lyrics, the dance moves, the overage rapper and the underage actors….it all comes across as a monument to bad choices and the world is sitting up and taking notice. The comments coming off Twitter have been nothing short of scathing and hilarious. Ironically, she’s becoming a star just because of how bad she is.

Watch the video for yourself:

Is it all a spoof and a send-up? The fact that there is no official website for Rebecca Black and very little information about her on the net is leading some to speculate that it’s all a setup. However, Ark Music Factory, her label comes across as being a sincere, albeit very naive, enterprise.

Music blog SmallMusicWorldNews writes that “All anyone knows about the mysterious Rebecca is that her song was posted on YouTube by Ark Music Factory, a Los Angeles-based independent record label that scouts for performers aged 13 to 17.”



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