Magnum’s compelling new Flash advertising campaign

An astonishing new advertising campaign for Magnum Ice Cream’s has just been launched, which exploits all the best aspects of the social web to create a fun, engaging and original campaign with a heavy dose of the Wow! factor thrown in. What’s more, it’s all been created using the much-maligned Flash.

The campaign is called Pleasure Hunt and it was created by Swedish agency Lowe Brindfors, based in Stockholm.

The story revolves around a beautiful young woman who undertakes a journey/adventure through the world wide web, passing through iconic websites such as YouTube and Spotify, past Dove beauty products, across travel sites, luxury destinations, clothing sites and many more on the way to her final, magical destination.

Viewers are able to control her movements along the way, by using the left and right keys and the space bar which allows her to jump. As she travels, she collects chocolate bon bons, and must find ways to move around the web pages to collect her prizes and get points, until she arrives at her ultimate destination.

Music is another element of the campaign that has been used beautifully, setting the tone and the mood for each of the scenes that the character finds herself in.

It’s an immersive full-flash experience and will be cited for many weeks to come as a reason for developers not to abandon Flash in favour of HTML5, which is where much of the web momentum today seeems be shifting.

Take a look at the campaign and have a go at playing the game yourself.



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