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The IFA global press conference 2011

The IFA Global Press Conference takes place this weekend in Alicante, Spain. The conference is a showcase of some of the top electronic brands from around the world and the forthcoming innovations they intend to launch.

Set in tranquil surroundings, brand leaders have been brought under one roof to present flagship technology to the press — which includes delegates from all around the world.

The event began with introductions by IFA’s Executive Director, Jens Heithecker outlining IFA’s goal to be the leaders in technology and innovation. The manner in which IFA is going about this is by providing a communication platform for industry leading companies to encourage the collection and absorption of information.

The diversity of the exhibiting companies is as wide spread as the delegates. Leading electronic brands such as Samsung, Sharp, and Loewe displayed high-end Flat panel TV’s while Bosch and Siemans illustrated innovations in energy efficient household appliances. American automotive giant Ford along with home appliance producers WMF from Germany and Hannspree from Taiwan are also in attendance.

The structure of the conference allows for a brief introduction to each brand and the specific product in question followed by a broader conference floor demonstration of the live technology.

The key themes running through out the conference include, convergent technology and eco-friendly economy and ecology. In essence, the ability for all personal electronic devices to interact in a seamless manner, thereby linking their functionality. This is all done with consideration of how the devices will impact on the environment.

The conference also highlights the impact of the scarcity of certain production materials and the quest to maintain high levels of productivity without compromising quality and unfeasible costing.

Product demos have been scheduled to give manufacturers a chance to showcase their products to the delegates. This aims to give delegates the opportunity to better understand the products which they were introduced to at the conference’s kick-off on Friday.

Author | Ryan Gordon

Ryan Gordon
Ryan sees things in binary, which is a handy super power for any coder, even better if you can apply it to your world view. With a BCOM (Hon) Information Systems from UCT freshly behind him, Ryan joined the Creative Spark team as a Web Developer where he is... More

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