Coming soon: Memeburn’s 1-on-1 with WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg

On Friday, Memeburn will publish an exclusive one-on-one interview with Matt Mullenweg, named as one of the 25 most influential people on the web as a result of his revolutionary open source web software, WordPress.

If you’ve published a blog or a website, you probably know about WordPress. In fact it powers millions of blogs and commercial websites on the web today. It’s estimated that WordPress is used by more than 14% of the one million biggest websites including The New York Times. It started off as blog software, but has evolved into a much more powerful, multi-purpose Content Management System (CMS).

The success of WordPress cannot be disputed and shouldn’t be underplayed. Many Fortune 500 companies have adopted WordPress and, in 2008, the New York Times not only started using WordPress but invested in Automattic as well, the commercial arm behind WordPress.

In the upcoming Memeburn interview, Mullenweg speaks about new features in future WordPress versions that excite him, which includes a “Zen-like mode for writing”. He also speaks about his favourite CMS’s after WordPress and when his system is not a good choice. Mullenweg also hints at how HTML5 will affect future WordPress interfaces.

The WordPress founder also admits early mistakes made by “trying to do it all himself”. He speaks about “scripting being the new literacy” and thinks developers are five steps ahead of everyone else:

“Scripting is the new literacy, and the ability to learn and execute on your ideas without relying on anybody else is going to be invaluable as you iterate and experiment on building something. It’s good to build for yourself first, because in the worst-case scenario where no one else likes it, at least you will.”

He also touches on the scourge of the internet, spam which he calls “criminal”, and on how battle against it could be won.

We get some insights into his world away from WordPress, there is more to Mullenweg than WordPress, photography and food as his tweets suggest.

Find out more about Mullenweg in our exclusive one-on-one, next week.

Photo credit: Timothy Archibald



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