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All posts tagged "Automattic"

  • You can soon own a .blog domain, thanks to Automattic

    The awkward but frank domain name .blog will soon be available to purchase for bloggers everywhere. This comes after Automattic, the company behind Wordpress, announced that it had "secured" the rights to the name. Fittingly taking to Wordpress to announce the news, the company noted that users will "be able to purchase a .blog domain at WordPress.com or through our partner domain name registrars." "And again, the .blog domain will be available to everyone, regardless of what kind of site you have or who hosts it," the company expands. So what does this mean for web users? Well, your blog can now officially be...

  • Automattic brings note-sharing app Simplenote to Android

    If you're a fan of Automattic's note sharing app Simplenote, but have been frustrated that it hasn't been available Android then this news should please you. The company, which is best known for blogging platform and CMS WordPress, today announced that the Android version of the app is free and available for download right away. The app also allows you to create an account when you’re ready to back up your notes and sync with other devices. Previous users will be able to get started with their Android phones or tablets right away. The company says the new versions of...

  • WordPress lets bloggers make money with WordAds

    One of the world’s foremost blogging platforms and content management systems, WordPress, is now allowing bloggers to make money via online advertising. The programme, called WordAds, has been developed in conjunction with advertising and publishing company, Federated Media. According to a statement by WordPress' parent company Automattic, the company says the decision to introduce WordAds was based, at least partially, on pressure from WordPress.com users. Speaking to Memeburn, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg confirmed this, saying that the main driver behind WordAds was the fact that "since WordPress.com was started, six years ago, advertising has been our #1 feature request". "We...

  • 3rd party comments: Which system is best for your website?

    Putting the functionality in place for users to comment on your content is key to building relationships with your readers. Getting them to engage with your website means that they will be more likely to return for more in the future, if their experience is good. Commenting is fast becoming a science, now rich in functionality to manage volumes of users and to keep the quality of the interactions higher (in most cases). This is why many sites outsource commenting features to third party applications that expertly know how to manage communities. Third party commenting systems which are both...

  • The future of WordPress: Q&A with founder Matt Mullenweg

    Named as one of the 25 most influential people on the web, Matt Mullenweg founded and runs an open source web platform that has revolutionised website publishing. WordPress began its life as free, open-source blogging software which quickly evolved into a general-purpose CMS used by millions of sites on the web. The success of WordPress speaks for itself -- and it is one of the most popular content management system engines around...

  • Coming soon: Memeburn’s 1-on-1 with WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg

    On Friday, Memeburn will publish an exclusive one-on-one interview with Matt Mullenweg, named as one of the 25 most influential people on the web as a result of his revolutionary open source web software, WordPress. If you've published a blog or a website, you probably know about WordPress. In fact it powers millions of blogs and commercial websites on the web today. It's estimated that WordPress is used by more than 14% of the one million biggest websites including The New York Times. It started off as blog software, but has evolved into a much more powerful, multi-purpose Content Management...