Filipinos offer prayers online for All Saints Day

For Filipinos who are unable to make the trip to their loved-ones resting places on All-Saints’ Day, online prayers can now be offered thanks to an initiative from the local Catholic bishops.

At, Filipinos far from their friends and families burial sites can now offer their condolences online come 1 November. All Saints’ Day is a national holiday which celebrates the various saints in the Catholic culture.

The site is being officially maintained by the media office of the Catholics Bishops’ conference of the Philippines, according to a blurb on the website.

The website outlines the users it specifically targets. “For those who cannot make it to your parishes, especially Filipinos in other countries or the seafarers, you may request for masses to be celebrated for your beloved dead”.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines said that from 1 to 8 November, it will offer mass for those who have asked for these prayers via posts on the website. Also included on the website is a selection of prayers that followers can recite in lieu of an actual service.

The majority of the Philippines 95-million strong population are Catholic and will be observing the sacred ceremony come 1 November.

Online prayer websites are not uncommon. For every religion, for every cultural denomination a website exists that allows users to spiritually connect online. What makes important though is that it addresses the issue of Filipinos outside of their homeland who feel “disconnected”.

Filipinos have made their way to other countries thanks, in no small part, to the lack of well-paid jobs on their home turf.  Close to 11 million Filipinos work overseas in an effort to escape the 38% poverty rate.



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