The iPhone launch [LIVE BLOG]

The launch is now! The iPhone 5 launch event will be the defining moment for new CEO Tim Cook as he takes the stage to display the iPhone 4S and possibly the iPhone 5. All will be revealed during the show. Speculation has been rife concerning the new iDevices, what Tim Cook will say and how his leadership will affect Apple. This show is the highlight of the year for Apple fans and we are live-blogging the event throughout its duration.

Below is the full transcript of the event. Please note that because of the nature of the live-blog the conversation starts at the bottom and ends at the top.

[Steven] That’s it everyone. Thank you for joining in with the live blog 🙂 by memeburn @ 8:41 pm


[Steven] So that’s it. No iPhone 5. Just iPhone 4S. And Siri of course. by memeburn @ 8:41 pm


[Steven] Cook’s final words, “I am so incredibly proud of this company and all of the teams who work so hard to bring all of the innovations you’ve seen today.” by memeburn @ 8:40 pm


[Memeburn Reader] No “one more thing?” viewer comment by Stu_Thom4s @ 8:39 pm



[Memeburn Reader] so there is no difference between price on the 4 and 4S?? viewer question by lyssa @ 8:38 pm


[Steven] Yes the pricing is 199 for cheapest iPhone 4S. 99 for iphone 4 by memeburn @ 8:39 pm


[Steven] will roll out to 70 countries by year end. by memeburn @ 8:38 pm


[Steven] Oct 14 iPhone 4S launch. by memeburn @ 8:38 pm


[Steven] this means 3GS is first free iPhone! by memeburn @ 8:37 pm


[Steven] 8GB 3GS free on contract. by memeburn @ 8:37 pm


[Steven] 8GB 3GS is US$49, iPhone 4 16GB US$199 by memeburn @ 8:37 pm


[Steven] All this on a two year contract. Oh yeah, whip those credit cards out folks. by memeburn @ 8:36 pm


[Steven] Pricing (all US) 16GB – $200, 32GB – $299, 64GB – $399 by memeburn @ 8:36 pm


[Steven] Very long ad. will post a Youtube link as soon as possible. by memeburn @ 8:34 pm


[Steven] Hour and a half in, people are anxious for the iPhone 5… by memeburn @ 8:33 pm


[Steven] Lovely ad still on, stylish but is this it from Apple? by memeburn @ 8:32 pm


[Steven] For me, winner of the show so far is Siri. by memeburn @ 8:32 pm


[Steven] Going through the same info again. Specs, camera, Siri. by memeburn @ 8:31 pm


[Steven] “We’re really excited about the iPhone 4S.” and its advert time again… by memeburn @ 8:31 pm


[Steven] Siri will work in English as well as French and German. Apple stresses that this is a beta product. by memeburn @ 8:31 pm



[Memeburn Reader] is that it? viewer question by lee @ 8:29 pm


[Steven] Let’s hope for “one more thing” by memeburn @ 8:30 pm


[Steven] It WILL require a constant data connection to work… by memeburn @ 8:30 pm


[Steven] Siri works “out of the box and gets better as it learns your voice.” by memeburn @ 8:29 pm


[Steven] Siri says, “I am a humble personal assistant.” and Forestall says, “And that is the coolest feature of the new iPhone 4S.” by memeburn @ 8:29 pm


[Memeburn Reader] If no iPhone 5, I’m really surprised that Cook didn’t do the reveal of the 4S. Seems like it should have been his… viewer comment by darthrocco @ 8:28 pm


[Steven] IPhone will list the type of examples you can ask Siri such as creating notes, finding stock information, looking up the weather and so on. The crazier questions are routed to WolframAplha. by memeburn @ 8:28 pm


[Steven] Forestall jokes “Get shopping.” Nothing happens. Ah well. by memeburn @ 8:26 pm


[Steven] Forestall asks “How many days are there until Christmas?” – Siri says, “82 days. Also, 2 months 21 days, 11 weeks 5 days, 58 weekdays, and .22 years.” by memeburn @ 8:26 pm


[Steven] Siri is impressing me… by memeburn @ 8:25 pm


[Steven] Now Siri has defined “Mitosis” by memeburn @ 8:25 pm


[Steven] You can search Wiki with Siri. They demoed this by finding good old Neil Armstrong. by memeburn @ 8:25 pm


[Steven] Example from Forestall, “Do I have any meetings Friday at Noon” Siri:”You don’t have anything on your calendar this Friday…” by memeburn @ 8:24 pm


[Steven] Looks like iPhone 5 will be a no-show… by memeburn @ 8:23 pm


[Steven] Siri knows all! It can create reminders from the users spoken word. by memeburn @ 8:23 pm


[Memeburn Reader] so no iPhone 5 for now… viewer comment by lee @ 8:22 pm


[Steven] So the name of the voice-command “virtual assistant” is called Siri. Very nice and personal. This is AI with a conscience. by memeburn @ 8:22 pm


[Steven] If you have a bluetooth headset, simply hold down the button and Siri will read it to you. You can even reply to the message. Very, very cool. by memeburn @ 8:21 pm


[Steven] “Read my message” – is said to Sirri. by memeburn @ 8:20 pm


[Steven] It understands directions and Siri is now showing up directions to Hoover Tower in the US. by memeburn @ 8:20 pm


[Steven] Very smart app by the looks of it. Very smart indeed. by memeburn @ 8:19 pm


[Steven] Siri continues to respond to the questions such as “Do I need a raincoat today?” It says, “It sure looks like rain today.” by memeburn @ 8:19 pm


[Steven] And like magic, the weather report appears. by memeburn @ 8:18 pm


[Memeburn Reader] @ramseyk – Unfortunately I agree. Getting a 4S seems like a getting second place in a race. viewer comment by darthrocco @ 8:17 pm


[Steven] Forstall is back. He hold down the home button and says, “What is the weather like today?”, Siri (the voice of the phone) says, “Here is the forecast for today.” by memeburn @ 8:17 pm


[Steven] “Your intelligent assistant that helps you get things done just by asking.” by memeburn @ 8:16 pm


[Memeburn Reader] Odds of the iPhone 5 coming out dropping substantially… viewer comment by ramseyk @ 8:15 pm


[Steven] Still Phil on stage. Says he wishes the devices could “really understand you.” – obviously voice assistant is coming up… by memeburn @ 8:15 pm


[Steven] Sorry, meant to say Phil. It is now time for Siri though. Lots of quality speakers. Getting amped. by memeburn @ 8:14 pm


[Steven] “The most amazing iPhone yet.” by memeburn @ 8:14 pm


[Steven]  Ooh Airplay – 4S can now mirror games, presentations and more on TV. by memeburn @ 8:12 pm


[Steven] Video demos being shown on the iPhone 4S by memeburn @ 8:12 pm


[Steven] Video is 1080P with real-time image stabilization. by memeburn @ 8:12 pm


[Steven] Looking at a photo of a squirrel and the people laugh – “Do you know how hard it is to make a squirrel stand still?” by memeburn @ 8:10 pm


[Steven] “I don’t know what Droid Bionic users need to do between pictures, maybe go get coffee.” – nice jabs at the competition. by memeburn @ 8:10 pm


[Steven] Schiller is showing off some pretty sharp pics taken on the iPhone 4S by memeburn @ 8:09 pm


[Steven] Will take 1.1 seconds from a cold start to take a picture. .5 seconds for every photo after. by memeburn @ 8:08 pm


[Steven] New camera – 60% boost over the iPhone 4. Has an IR filter. Is 30% sharper. “That’s a lot on the camera itself, but it doesn’t stop with the camera.” by memeburn @ 8:07 pm


[Steven] “We set our sights on competing with Point and Shoots.” by memeburn @ 8:06 pm


[Steven] New Camera – 8MP sensor. Finally. by memeburn @ 8:06 pm


[Memeburn Reader] I think Phil is covering up for not having 4g by comparing it to these phones. viewer comment by lee @ 8:05 pm


[Steven] New camera – “there are many great point and shoot cameras, so it’s the one camera you really want to have with you all of the time.” by memeburn @ 8:05 pm


[Steven] New world phone aspect – offers GSM and CDMA all in one phone. by memeburn @ 8:04 pm



[Memeburn Reader] what about voice control? viewer question by lee @ 8:03 pm


[Steven] coming up soon. by memeburn @ 8:04 pm


[Steven] “The iPhone 4S is just as fast as these phones.” – comparing it to the Thrill, Atrix and the Inspire 4G. by memeburn @ 8:03 pm


[Steven] iPhone 4S offers 14.4MBS downloads. by memeburn @ 8:02 pm


[Steven] “Our engineering system has worked really hard at advancing the state of the art… it can now intelligently switch between the two antennas between transmit and receive.” – translates to better call quality hopefully. by memeburn @ 8:02 pm



[Memeburn Reader] same size as ip4? viewer question by lee @ 8:00 pm


[Steven] same size. by memeburn @ 8:01 pm


[Steven] Stats! 8 hours 3G talktime, 6 hours of browsing, 14 hours of 2G talktime and 9 hours on Wi-Fi. by memeburn @ 8:01 pm


[Steven] Dec 1 – will only run on iPhone 4S. Awww. The A5 graphics chip in iPhone 4S has seven times the power of the iPhone 4 by memeburn @ 8:00 pm



[Memeburn Reader] same retina? viewer question by lee @ 7:59 pm


[Steven] The same yes according to the event. by memeburn @ 7:59 pm


[Steven] Wow, Infinity Blade 2 is… wow. by memeburn @ 7:59 pm


[Steven] Hot demo, hope it is on Youtube soon. by memeburn @ 7:58 pm


[Steven] Showing off a demo, the detail is astonishing. by memeburn @ 7:58 pm


[Steven] Phone is up to two times faster. by memeburn @ 7:58 pm


[Memeburn Reader] don’t forget Samsung Phil viewer comment by lee @ 7:57 pm


[Steven] New logo is downright sexy… by memeburn @ 7:57 pm


[Steven] Infinity Blade 2 announced! by memeburn @ 7:57 pm



[Memeburn Reader] where is iphone5??? viewer question by lee @ 7:56 pm


[Steven] Coming soon? by memeburn @ 7:56 pm


[Steven] Dual-core graphics processor. “Despite competitors trying really hard to copy the iPhone 4, they haven’t really been able to come close.” – ooooh fighting words. by memeburn @ 7:56 pm


[Steven] It has the A5 chip, but of course. by memeburn @ 7:56 pm


[Steven] Finally! – iPhone 4S!!! by memeburn @ 7:55 pm


[Steven] Shuffle is now US$49. by memeburn @ 7:55 pm


[Steven] “iMessage changes the way people use that device.” by memeburn @ 7:54 pm


[Steven] Still most popular portable gaming device according to old Phil. by memeburn @ 7:54 pm


[Steven] NEW – iPod touch in white for 32GB US$299, 64GB for US$399 by memeburn @ 7:53 pm


[Steven] “As is the iCloud.” by memeburn @ 7:53 pm


[Memeburn Reader] how can these people talk so much off topic… viewer comment by lee @ 7:52 pm


[Steven] “iOS 5 is a tremendous upgrade for the iPod touch” by memeburn @ 7:52 pm


[Steven] iPod touch will get iOS 5 it seems. by memeburn @ 7:52 pm


[Memeburn Reader] are they launching a new line of iPods? viewer comment by Sturbridge_MA @ 7:51 pm


[Memeburn Reader] The conference should be called ‘let’s talk about everything but iphone’ viewer comment by R3PSOL @ 7:51 pm


[Steven] Micky mouse watch-face and some other admittedly cool faces. by memeburn @ 7:52 pm


[Steven] Of watch accessories – “we thought that was really fun.” They adding 16 new clock faces. Party. by memeburn @ 7:51 pm


[Steven] “improved fitness no experience” – no need for Nike+ shoe dongle it seems 🙂 I like this. by memeburn @ 7:51 pm


[Steven] “Right out of the box, you can go on a walk or a run, without adding sensors or devices.” – Schiller. by memeburn @ 7:50 pm


[Steven] Nano – “customers love it for design, display.” You can now display large icons and swipe to switch apps. by memeburn @ 7:50 pm



[Memeburn Reader] Is Steve Job coming lastly to announce iPhone? viewer question by lee @ 7:49 pm


[Steven] most likely not… by memeburn @ 7:49 pm


[Memeburn Reader] lol @ nano viewer comment by L0w @ 7:49 pm


[Steven] Of the iPod Nano “really fun way to enjoy music wherever you are.” by memeburn @ 7:48 pm


[Memeburn Reader] Loads of WWDC recaps… viewer comment by Stu_Thom4s @ 7:48 pm


[Steven] “We still love music and we’re still making iPods.” by memeburn @ 7:48 pm


[Steven] Phil Schiller now on stage. by memeburn @ 7:48 pm


[Steven] iCloud commercial currently playing. by memeburn @ 7:47 pm


[Steven] Match is US only for now… Apple working on bringing it to other countries. by memeburn @ 7:47 pm


[Steven] iTunes Match will be US$24.99 a year. iCloud ships Oct 12 and look, its video time. by memeburn @ 7:46 pm



[Memeburn Reader] He’s going to leave approx 60 seconds of time, then say “oh yeah, here are your two new iPhones”…then walk off the stage. 😉 viewer question by SteveJobs @ 7:44 pm


[Steven] lol by memeburn @ 7:45 pm



[Memeburn Reader] wow just relax guys they’ll get to it viewer question by L0w @ 7:45 pm


[Steven] I know they will 🙂 by memeburn @ 7:45 pm



[Memeburn Reader] Steven, Thank you for doing this LIVE blog. It is very intertaining and suspensful as I really cant wait to hear the news! viewer question by Alan @ 7:45 pm


[Steven] Hey my pleasure 🙂 by memeburn @ 7:45 pm


[Steven] Match scans library, adds iTunes music that is not in iTunes already. Sounds, interesting? by memeburn @ 7:45 pm


[Steven] iTune Match is being discussed. by memeburn @ 7:44 pm



[Memeburn Reader] Is this going to be a two hour event? viewer question by ramseyk @ 7:43 pm


[Steven] Hour or so – they will get to the point soon (I hope). by memeburn @ 7:43 pm


[Memeburn Reader] So MUCH Cloud! viewer comment by Stu_Thom4s @ 7:42 pm


[Memeburn Reader] Didn’t Jobs tell us all of this already? viewer comment by SandyDee @ 7:42 pm


[Steven] Users can see locations of those who share locations with you. by memeburn @ 7:43 pm


[Steven] A new thing finally. “Find my Friends.” by memeburn @ 7:42 pm


[Steven] Cue is showing off “Find my Phone” on stage now… by memeburn @ 7:42 pm


[Steven] iCloud gives you daily backups across contacts on all devices as well as calender events. by memeburn @ 7:42 pm


[Steven] Apps can be re-downloaded from the iCloud as well as books. by memeburn @ 7:41 pm


[Steven] Nice chain of synchronization with the iCloud. by memeburn @ 7:41 pm


[Steven] Cue on photos – “Your photos are now on your camera roll, and you wish they were on all of your devices.” From the cloud to your iPhone the images go. by memeburn @ 7:40 pm


[Memeburn Reader] Only interested in 5 viewer comment by R3PSOL @ 7:39 pm


[Steven] Eddy Cue on stage – talking about the cloud. “We’ve integrated it right into our apps, so everything happens automatically. It just works, and iCloud is free.” by memeburn @ 7:39 pm


[Memeburn Reader] Itching to take a nap… viewer comment by ramseyk @ 7:38 pm


[Steven] iOS 5 launches Oct 12! by memeburn @ 7:38 pm



[Memeburn Reader] will it be iphone 5,iphone 4 S or both? viewer question by wasa @ 7:36 pm


[Steven] hopefully both. by memeburn @ 7:38 pm


[Memeburn Reader] Let’s talk iPhone! Tim… viewer comment by lee @ 7:38 pm


[Memeburn Reader] If he’s taking so long to come to the point, I doubt there’s anything worthwhile at all. viewer comment by SandyDee @ 7:35 pm


[Steven] Wireless updates being mentioned. “There’s no need for a computer.” Wireless OS updates. by memeburn @ 7:37 pm


[Steven] Mail updates coming adding rich formatting, flagging mail, indentation… by memeburn @ 7:37 pm


[Steven] Tabbed browsing coming to iPad. by memeburn @ 7:36 pm


[Steven] You can synch this between any iOS device and read later. Shades of Kindle Fire. by memeburn @ 7:36 pm


[Steven] Safari updates – reader function which strips junk, all you get is one readable page. “This works great on the iPad, it’s fantastic on the iPhone.” by memeburn @ 7:36 pm


[Steven] Game Center has been updated.Friends photos can be added, friends recommendations are included. by memeburn @ 7:35 pm


[Steven] “Use volume up to take a photo.” by memeburn @ 7:34 pm


[Steven] @Ram – agreed. by memeburn @ 7:33 pm


[Memeburn Reader] Seriously! Let’s get down to business. 🙂 viewer comment by ramseyk @ 7:33 pm


[Memeburn Reader] Running out of product time Tim… viewer comment by Stu_Thom4s @ 7:33 pm


[Steven] iOS – photo editing within the media. by memeburn @ 7:33 pm


[Memeburn Reader] come on, come to the point tim viewer comment by lee @ 7:32 pm



[Memeburn Reader] How long is the launch going to last? viewer question by Alan @ 7:32 pm


[Steven] Roughly an hour. by memeburn @ 7:32 pm


[Steven] For magazines, GQ, Allure, Vanity Fair and The New York Time are featured. by memeburn @ 7:32 pm


[Steven] iOS 5 has one-tap camera access. by memeburn @ 7:32 pm


[Steven] Notifications viewer is a lot like androids. No more silly pop-ups. Notifications appear on top of the screen. by memeburn @ 7:31 pm


[Steven] None of this is new info 🙁 by memeburn @ 7:31 pm


[Steven] Newsstand – it has subscriptions. by memeburn @ 7:30 pm



[Memeburn Reader] Is Timothy wearing a turtleneck? viewer question by SteveJobs @ 7:28 pm


[Steven] Hmm…. no. by memeburn @ 7:30 pm


[Memeburn Reader] tell us more about the new notifications viewer comment by Matt @ 7:29 pm


[Steven] Twitter, integrated everywhere. by memeburn @ 7:30 pm


[Steven] Reminder App (we know all this stuff Apple) is location based will remind you when you leave your home or work. Nice. by memeburn @ 7:30 pm


[Steven] Talking about iMessage: available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Photos, videos. All are pushed to these devices and the messages are secure. by memeburn @ 7:29 pm


[Memeburn Reader] wating… viewer comment by lee @ 7:26 pm


[Memeburn Reader] Make a poll, i bet you its iPhone 5 viewer comment by KyleISRight @ 7:25 pm


[Memeburn Reader] Tim Cook that is… viewer comment by Stu_Thom4s @ 7:25 pm


[Memeburn Reader] No, Steve Jobs wont be attending the launch. viewer comment by AppleHeir @ 7:24 pm


[Memeburn Reader] Give us a product already! viewer comment by Stu_Thom4s @ 7:24 pm


[Steven] Talking about notifications. by memeburn @ 7:28 pm


[Steven] iOS 5 information time. by memeburn @ 7:27 pm


[Steven] “Card” is a free download on 12 Oct. Cool. by memeburn @ 7:27 pm


[Steven] Make card on iPhone, Apple then delivers it in the US. Retro! by memeburn @ 7:26 pm


[Steven] something new! – an app called “Cards”, it will create and mail cards from your iPad or iPod touch. by memeburn @ 7:26 pm


[Steven] Billion downloaded apps every month. by memeburn @ 7:25 pm


[Steven] More iOS stats – 500k apps in app store, 140k for iPad, 18 billion app downloads in 3 years by memeburn @ 7:25 pm


[Steven] iOS is now number one mobile OS according to July ComScore. by memeburn @ 7:23 pm


[Steven] 1/4 billion iOS devices sold. Scott Forestall to talk about iOS by memeburn @ 7:22 pm


[Steven] @Kyle you bet it is! by memeburn @ 7:22 pm


[Memeburn Reader] This is amazing viewer comment by KyleISRight @ 7:21 pm


[Steven] “From the boardroom to the backroom and everywhere in between, iPad is showing up.” – apparently 92% of all Fortune 500 companies have iPads. 3 out of 4 tablets sold in US are iPads. by memeburn @ 7:22 pm


[Steven] More iPad fun – “Over 80 percent of the hospitals in the US are now testing or piloting iPad.”” by memeburn @ 7:21 pm


[Steven] Every state in the US has an iPad deployment program either in place or in pilot. 1000 schools have a 1:1 program. by memeburn @ 7:20 pm


[Steven] Of the iPad, “We believe iPads can change the way teachers teach and kids learn” by memeburn @ 7:19 pm


[Memeburn Reader]Truth in advertising. Should have called it “Mostly about iPhone”. 😉 But glad it’s starting to come now. <crosses fingers hoping for iPhone 5 announcement> viewer comment by darthrocco @ 7:18 pm


[Steven] “More coming up on iPhone” by memeburn @ 7:18 pm


[Memeburn Reader]I hope it comes to Sprint! viewer comment by bwhets @ 7:18 pm


[Steven] five percent of global market owned by iPhone. by memeburn @ 7:18 pm


[Steven] Cook says iPhone 4 accounts for 50% of all iPhones ever sold. by memeburn @ 7:17 pm


[Steven] @Darth – you got to take the good with the bad 🙂 by memeburn @ 7:17 pm


[Memeburn Reader]I thought this was titled “All about iPhone”? viewer comment by darthrocco @ 7:16 pm


[Steven] “Next up is iPhone. This could be the reason why the room is so full today.” by memeburn @ 7:16 pm


[Steven] “iPod is still a large and imporant market for Apple.” by memeburn @ 7:15 pm


[Steven] 300 million iPods sold “It took Sony 30 years to sell 220 000 cassette players.” by memeburn @ 7:15 pm


[Steven] 4% because everyone already has a PC. viewer comment by Matt @ 7:14 pm


[Steven] iPod market share is 78% by memeburn @ 7:14 pm


[Steven] Of the iPod, “It reminded all of us how much we love music, and made it simple to enjoy again.” by memeburn @ 7:14 pm


[Steven] Mac platform growth = 23%, PC = 4% by memeburn @ 7:13 pm


[Steven] “Apple approaching 60 million Mac users worldwide.” by memeburn @ 7:13 pm


[Steven] Another number: one out of every four PC’s sold are Mac’s. So many Apple stats. by memeburn @ 7:12 pm


[Steven] Cook talking about how Macbook Pro and iMac best selling notebooks in the US. Is this true? by memeburn @ 7:12 pm


[Steven] Where are the iPhones Tim Cook? 🙂 by memeburn @ 7:11 pm


[Steven] Cook says it took Windows 7 ten weeks to reach the Mac user base. by memeburn @ 7:10 pm


[Steven] “6 million copies of Lion downloaded, 80% more than snow Leopard.” by memeburn @ 7:10 pm


[Steven] Product categories now. Mossberg quote, “(Lion) is best operating system out there.” by memeburn @ 7:09 pm


[Steven] Cook back on stage. “I could watch that video 100 times over.” was basically an Apple store promo. by memeburn @ 7:08 pm


[Steven] Video now, called “Retail Energy.” by memeburn @ 7:07 pm


[Steven] Speaking about stores opened in Asia such as store in Shanghai. by memeburn @ 7:07 pm


[Steven] Cook says LA store took a month to hit 100 000 customers. Lots of marketing speak. by memeburn @ 7:06 pm


[Steven] Cook continues – “we’ll remind you of the uniqueness of this company.” by memeburn @ 7:06 pm


[Steven] Cook says, “It (original iPod) went on to revolutionize the way we listen to music. by memeburn @ 7:05 pm


[Steven] Tim Cook enters, “”This is my first product launch since being named CEO. I’m sure you didn’t know that. It is a pleasure to host you today. I love Apple. I want to especially welcome you to this campus. This campus serves as a kind of second home for many of us, so it’s kind of like inviting you in to our home.” by memeburn @ 7:04 pm



[Mvelase] So are they making this whole event all super-private because Tim Cook’s a bore? viewer question by MvelaseP @ 7:02 pm


[Steven] Dont be a hater 🙂 by memeburn @ 7:03 pm


[Steven] Tiny room – very few people. Giant Apple Logo appears on the screen. by memeburn @ 7:03 pm


[Steven] It begins. by memeburn @ 7:01 pm


[Steven] 1 minute to go! by memeburn @ 6:59 pm


[Steven] The Japanese iPhone site confirms a launch date of Oct 14 for the iphone 4S by memeburn @ 6:55 pm


[Steven] For us, this is like a second birthday. by memeburn @ 6:45 pm


[Steven] According to sources, under 100 people are at attendance at the event. Very private affair, opened up to the whole world through live-blogging of course 🙂 by memeburn @ 6:44 pm


[Steven] Can you feel the electricity in the air? I can! by memeburn @ 6:39 pm


[Steven] – alleged image of the iPhone 4S by memeburn @ 6:32 pm


[Steven] We welcome you to the live-blog of the iPhone launch. It starts at 7pm. by memeburn @ 5:11 pm


Click “Play” to start the live-blog. You can comment, ask questions and take part in polls during the show. This is the accumulation of a year of waiting, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!



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