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  • Lanser

    Very poorly researched article ” LibreOffice comes pre-installed on Ubuntu, but if that is a bit limiting then grab OpenOffice”
    limiting? they have almost identical functionality and in fact Libre is ahead of Open.

    “It’s uncertain when Office will arrive on Linux, but I for one hope that this happens soon”
    If you think M$ will port Office to Linux you are seriously deluded

    “This is the most annoying feature … In the interest of security Ubuntu keeps certain files from
    automatically running … unless you expressly
    give them permissions”
    Thats part of the reason Linux is inherently more secure than Windows

    The internet has already been addressed but one more point W3Counter says Chrome has more market share than IE, firefox is not far behind and if you add Opera then those 3 (Chrome+FF=Opera) have more than 53%

  • I can see why Ubuntu would appeal to ex-windows users…. but if you want to get serious about GNU/Linux then Ubuntu is not the one. Many long-term users of GNU/Linux wouldn’t even mention Ubuntu in the same breath has GNU/Linux.
    The common factor in Microsoft and Ubuntu is crapware….

  • Ken Ash

    This guy must think all aternatives revole around ubuntu. With this kind of mentality linux as a hole is doomed. Its time to wake up bud and stop walking with blinders on.

  • no more gearburn ffor me

    This is one of the worst articles I’ve read about Linux as it givers any Linux newcomer incorrect observations.

    I could list all the errors but others who have replied have covered most of it

  • 2eurocents

    You should mention that *drivers* come *plugged in* the actual kernel. The poor windows folk will think they’ll have to hunt them down and download them from the internet…
    Anyway somebody escaping from the unfamiliarity of “windows 8” and its price will find an odd home in Ubuntu… which also has a weird interface nowadays. I would recommend Kubuntu, or some version of Mint to new users.

  • Fabrice

    Downloading apps from the net?!!?? Where is this guy coming from??? Ever heard of the build-in Software Center with over 23000 apps to install?!?? This article should be removed. It’s an insult to our intelligence!

  • BW

    Garbage, written by a no-know ….

  • conor rynne

    the average user does not care… the point is it just works

  • conor rynne

    actually he does have a point…how many others are gunning for desktop acceptance as much as Canonical?

  • conor rynne

    this article isn’t about getting serious about GNU/Linux…its about having an alternative setup that lets the average user get things done. To most people, a computer is a tool and nothing more.

    As for crapware, a usable desktop and stable platform should not fall into that category. It allows for others to build on what Canonical got right, and work on what could be improved. Example, I’d take Pantheon over Unity any day, but i dont see large support for either on anything but Ubuntu

  • Robert Zimbardo

    Jeses, someone didn’t get his facts right. The comments re office, re the browsers, and other things are just plain misleading.,

  • Neticis

    You lost me at the “..LibreOffice comes pre-installed on Ubuntu, but if that is a bit limiting then grab OpenOffice..” because LibreOffice is one which has more features than other one: http://people.gnome.org/~michael/blog/2012-04-26-ooo-comparison.html

  • Jymm

    I agree that the article is poorly written, but maybe he is trying to keep it simple for Windows users. Not a great idea to win fans. Actually though if I was to recommend a LinuxOS to someone coming from Windows, it would be the Zorin. Based on Ubuntu, but with a look changer that can give you a Windows look, it comes with the codecs needed to play MP3’s and movies. It has everything the average user needs for web browsing, e-mail, chat and social media. Zorin uses the Ubuntu installer so is easy to install. It is also good at finding peripherals and most things will work right out of the box. The other advice for any window migrant is join the forum. You will need some advice sooner than later with Linux.

  • eco2geek

    many of you are completely confused with the new operating system

    Maybe insulting the intelligence of your readers isn’t the best way to start off an article. And if someone’s confused by Windows, it’s more than a bit doubtful they”re going to find Linux (in general) and Ubuntu’s Unity interface (in particular) a model of simplicity.

    I think it’s important for Linux newbies to know that switching to Linux from Windows is somewhat analogous to moving to a new country, where they still speak English, but with a different accent, and where there are different customs. Truth in advertising.

    That being said, probably the best way to jump into Ubuntu is to buy an introductory book about it that includes Ubuntu on CD or DVD.

  • BobK54

    What about all that compiling and dependency hell stuff? You missed all that too!

    Wow, total waste of time reading this. This, folks, is a perfect example of pure M$ FUD. Please do more research before writing……PLEASE.

  • ZX80Man

    +1 on very poorly researched!
    It’s like playing the Bob game, only you count all the BS instead.
    Writer is clearly convinced that all that $ and time spent/wasted on M$ was not in vane. Linux has something for anyone, that is not locked inside the M$ box.

  • Jason

    This is why we don’t need any new “Introductions” to Linux. There has to be millions of these articles floating around the internet. Please come up with an original idea, this is just lazy.

  • Carlos

    Hey, the only way an 80 year old lady will get something done with Windows is if everything is set up for her.

  • bronkish

    Worst article about GNU/Linux ever.

  • The author is a total linux noob, check his other posts! same ignorance
    Besides he introduces himself as a microsoft fan..

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