11 of Memeburn’s most popular articles from 2011

As 2011 draws to a close Memeburn looks back at its most popular articles — the most tweeted, shared and liked by you, our readers. Here is a chance to go back in time and read your favourite articles again.

1. The future of WordPress: Q&A with founder Matt Mullenweg

Memeburn got the chance to chat to one of the web’s most influential people: WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg. The interview asks questions about the future of WordPress, who the real Matt Mullenweg is and other topics, giving it almost 250 000 views so far.

2. Google+ is the golden ticket to the chocolate factory of social media

Google+ is growing in popularity, but with so many social networking options on the web, it is hard to figure out what makes it any different to Facebook or Twitter. Memeburn looked at the features of Google+ and reasons why it could threaten other social networking giants.

3. 32 web frameworks to choose from for your next project

Memeburn looked at 32 web frameworks businesses can use in projects that could, amongst other things, increase their online visibility.

4. Take This Lollipop ‘creepily’ captures man stalking you on Facebook

Many Facebook users fear having their personal information being readily available to strangers on the web, and when an app called Take This Lollilop made its way around social networks it quickly became very popular. The app touches on the subject of being stalked on the web in an eerie, horror filmesque manner.

5. How iOS 5’s iMessenger will kill BBM

A lot of us still use BlackBerrys because of the effortless and limitless messaging experience that BBM offers. With the growing popularity of the iPhone, Memeburn took a look at the advancing threat that messaging platforms such as the iMessaging poses to the popular BBM.

6. Hacker group Anonymous declares war on ‘global banking cartel’

A YouTube video declaring war against the international banking system posted by an online community known as “Anonymous” received public support. In fact, it generated enough public interest to make this list.

7. Durex social media cock-up is no joke

A lot of companies and brands are starting to realise the value of social media advertising by directly connecting with their consumers and fans via Twitter or Facebook. But when Durex posted offensive jokes on its DurexSA Twitter account, followers were up in arms. This major cock-up threatened to harm the brand for good.

8. Six questions that rejected Venture Capital seekers could not answer

Memeburn gives advice to venture capital seekers by looking at things some of them did wrong and why they got rejected.

9. BlackBerry vs iPhone? A tale of two smartphones

Published a few months before RIM’s epic fail in October, Memeburn had a look at the good and bad features of two popular Smartphone devices available at the time. Given the longstanding popularity of BlackBerry in South Africa, the article tells a tale of the unwavering commitment of a BlackBerry user who decides to get an iPhone.

10. 10 social media myths that undermine business strategies

There are plenty misconceptions businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers have about using social media as a business tool. Memeburn looked closely at 10 social media myths that can see attempts of using it fail.

11. 10 reasons why you should get your hands on some Bitcoins

There has been much talk about the challenges Bitcoin faces as a global currency that has sparked a massive debate on Memeburn and around the globe. In our eleventh most popular article for 2011, Memeburn looked at Bitcoin’s potential future.



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